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Cruz na Daan Church

This is the second church that I visited, I am not Roman Catholic but I really appreciated the ambiance inside this church.  The structure is gorgeous, from inside and out.  It contains doric design collumns and the design is like century old.  Finding this church wasn't easy, you know why? I just want to share this story: while going to San Miguel, Bulacan, I always capture photos using my cellphone camera, so that if I still have time before going back to Manila, I just need to browse the photos then ask the bus drivers or the those guys who issue tickets, I know that they know everything on the road. 

So, after the Bahay Paniki Cave, I took a bus going to San Ildefonso Church, since it was the first church that my camera captured.  So, when I was done with San Ildefonso, I took a jeep going to the next church that my phone capture and this is the Cruz na Daan Church.  I don't know the name of this church so I showed it to the driver, but he didn't recognize it.  So what I did was, since I was sitting on the front, I was looking at the window the whole time, until I saw this old but artistic church, so at last here it is!

 This church is situated just beside the main road going to San Miguel, Bulacan.  This church captured my attention because of its archetectural design. That's the main reason why I am going to this province - the century old structure.  While the bus was running so fast, I've used my phone to get it's image, but unfortunately it wasn't successful.    It's just one ride from San Ildefonso Church for 8 pesos.  I can't post the photos taken inside this church for some reasons.  But all I can say is, you'll love the ambiance inside this church.

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