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Ilocos Sur/Norte: 1,300KM, 10 Destinations within 57 Hours

I really have no idea if what are the factors needed to be called a certified travel addict?  I am travelling the country for a year now and I've been receiving a lot of feedback saying that I am a travel addict because of the stories that I've been posting here in my blog.  But for me, I am just curious about the hidden wealth that the Philippines have.  And this post will be the craziest travel experience of 2013 that I have so far.  It's an honor for me to visit this place because it's part of my list since last year and Imelda Marcos is one of my must-meet personality.  So, read our story here and imagine yourself as part of our journey.

April 20, 2013 was the most remarkable and unforgettable travel that I have.  Imagine this, for that day after shift, my original plan was to have a Mt. Guiting-guiting Post climb in Mt. Batulao, but due to some issues, I wasn't made it to be there.  But, an urgent decision was made 3 hours before the Ilocos Getaway organized by some office mates and friends.  I was already invited here before, but due to some schedule interference, I didn't said YES.

A Walk to Remember

In travelling, one of the most important gear that we should have is the shoes, sandals or even slippers, right?  It protects our feet from the sharp objects that can be found anywhere.  So, as a traveller and backpacker, I invested a lot for my travelling shoes - I didn't even care about the price involve, just to make sure that I am fully protected.  In line with this needs, we created a project that focuses on foot protection, not for us, but for the children of Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

A Walk to Remember is actually my favorite movie ever.  This movie made cry every time I watched it.  But now, this title was made as the theme for our climb in Mt. Guiting-guiting in Sibuyan Island, Romblon.  This mountain is said to be one of the most difficult mountain in the country, but it didn't stopped us in helping the residents found in nearby areas.

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