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Baliuag Clock Tower

After invading the old churches in the northern part of Bulacan, I entered the mall first to take a rest and have a break time.  It was already 4PM, and since I still have time, and I was already in SM Baliaug, so I took a tricycle going to this amazing landmark. If you don't know the exact address, no need to worry, just tell the tricycle driver to bring you there.

I was few meters away from this landmark, but I saw a dome, which means something is there that I need to discover, maybe it is one of what's in my list and I am correct, that's the dome of Baliaug Church.

Baliuag Clock Tower is one of the popular Heritage attractions in the town.  Located in front of the centuries-old Baliuag Church.  Its red colored bricks changes in color depending on the sky color during sun set and on the reflection of the headlights of the vehicles that passes in the area, since it's erected in the middle of the street crossing.

This landmark is just twenty-minutes tricycle ride from SM Baliuag for 30 pesos.  The area is encircled by commercial establishments like drugstore, department stores, banks, cooperatives and some other boutiques.  The police station is also 6 meters away from this tower to maintain peace in the location.

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