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About The Author

Darwin Dalisay
Author Info: Call Center Agent, Blogger, Part-time Showbiz Extra. 

 I am Darwin Dalisay, you can call me Meym, 26 years of age from Cainta, Rizal but a native of Odiongan, Romblon. Before, I was a serious person, I don't talk to others, especially if I don't know them - in short, I am a shy type. I was busy in the world of beauty pageant. I was the former Miss Brazil in Miss Odiongan "Kuno" 2006 in Romblon. After college in 2007, I started working for few call centers, until today.

Now, everything was changed, from a shy type to an outspoken person. I am a person who loves solo-backpacking, travelling and hiking.

To help people in discovering the real beauty of nature and at the same time sharing my travelling experiences in different ways using my mobile phone camera and digital camera. NO DSLR. "I will travel in the Cheapest way"

To be able to reach everyone's heart and to see people taking good care of our environment.

The purpose of my blog is to share not just my travel experiences but to educate the people in the Art of Backpacking and how I enjoy everything.

Sobrang Yaag is a Hiligaynon word pertaining to an individual who loves to travel anywhere. This word is used in the town of Odiongan in Romblon province. This word is already on its superlative form but don’t have an exact definition. It somehow means super addict to travelling.

Sobrang Yaag is pertaining to me; right now, I am on the stage where I feel uncomfortable spending my weekends at home. Just a brief background, before, I was spending my money buying new electronic gadgets and bonding with friends in Starbucks and restaurants around the Metro. I was spending my spare time in front of my laptop and television: watching travel shows, history channel, horror movies, and sometimes Rated PG, hahaha, that’s if you know what I mean.

Everything was changed in 2012; I was invited for a team building in Potipot, Zambales. At first, there was a hesitation because I was afraid that my skin will be damaged by sun UV rays, but I still said YES to it. During that event, I enjoyed the white sand beach, crystal clear waters, fresh air and the backpacking adventure going to the locations was remarkable. After that event, I created my first blog www.emoterangsidharzie.blogspot.com which contains everything under and over the sun. Then, my travel blog: www.travellingcup.info which showcases all my photos and itineraries. After a year, I engaged myself to helping other people, so we came up and created our outreach blog: www.lamyerdaoutreach.blogspot.com which caters all our photos and activities. In December 2014, I published a new blog: www.iHike-iTravel.info to share my photos and experiences to more audience across the globe. This is to inspire others on how my life was changed because by the word – travel.

Setting your expectation: this blog and articles might not have a perfect grammar, but I’ll do my best to write a quality post for you. Please expect for more gorgeous photos in each post.

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