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Beach Hut Max 100++

Too much sun exposure is really a big NO on the skin.  Sun rays can damage your skin including your skin tissues which can result to skin discoloration, dry and dull skin.  Now, how can you enjoy the beauty of nature if you will hide under beach umbrellas or staying inside a room?  Try Beach Hut Max 100++ and remove your worries while enjoying your outdoor activities.  I can guarantee you that this Product can protect you from the harsh sun UV rays.

Like me – I love OUTDOOR Activities, last June 9-10, 2012; I (together with Batang Hamog Mountaineers) went to Mount Manabu in Batangas for our FREEDOM CLIMB 2012.  That day, the sun was really destructive, even we were inside an air-conditioned fast-food chain, and we can still feel the heat outside. 

Two days before that event, I went to a supermarket to buy everything I need, like my personal stuff.  While reading on the brands and labels on each product, one brilliant color got my eye’s attention.  It’s the “Beach Hut Max 100++.” Since I need sun block to protect myself from harmful sun’s UV Rays, I bought one of its kinds.

Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotion

Today, using insect repellent lotion is very important; it can protect us from any harmful insects or arthropods (in general).  This kind of lotion is a substance applied on the skin or even shirts to add additional protection.  Department of Health is now working hard just to minimize Dengue cases across the archipelago.  During rainy season, Dengue cases increases that makes our Health Department to develop several programs just to fight Dengue, unfortunately cases just went down but not totally stopped. 
If you're spending more time outdoors (like me - mountaineer) don't forget to put Green Cross Insect Repellent lotion in your personal pouch.  Green Cross provides a hundred percent protection to me every time that I conquer the mountains and it has a great smell (unlike other repellent lotion which stinks on the skin).  I always apply sun block if there is too much sun exposure, and after few minutes, I apply Green Cross to protect my skin from harmful insects.  But during night time, since there is no sun exposure, I just apply Green Cross Repellent Lotion.  So while cooking our dinner, I am a hundred percent sure that I am protected from Dengue.  THANK YOU Green Cross.

My Travelling Merrell

I definitely love outdoor activities like mountaineering and running.  Of course, those activities need not just yourself, but also gears to protect our feet from so many harmful factors. 

I really love shoes since then, that's why I am very particular in choosing one for me.  So, before I begun my mountaineering career, I was looking for a kind of shoes which can protect me in having foot blisters, that's an outch, right? I need a comfortable pair of shoes which I can use in this career. So I did a research online, I also asked other mountaineers about this, and they recommended Merrell.

I tried http://www.google.com/, I entered Merrell shoes and they gave me all the information I needed.  After my research, I was staring while thinking hundred times in an outdoor store, and you know who encouraged me that time? it's the sales man - he was really good in promoting it.  hahaha. So, here's what I've got:

Less is definitely more exploring with our Vibram®-soled Trail Glove natural adventrue shoe.  All the protection your feet need from rocks and roots, and an ultra-lightweight upper with a synthetic leather foot sling for stability like a glove.

Alta Niña Resort

Alta Niña Resort is situated in Brgy. Sinabakan, Candelaria, Zambales; and it's along the Candelaria shore.  This resort is the perfect place if you are going to the World's Famous Potipot IslandPotipot Island is a small islet located in Brgy. Uacon, Cadelaria, Zambales and it is facing the West Philippine Sea.  This islet is surrounded by white sand beach like Boracay Island, clear water and trees that gives shade to the tourist.

Being in Alta Niña Resort was an outstanding experience.  If I am in a vacation, I like to be in a simple lifestyle and this resort provided that.  Tita Niña (the owner) with her friends, showed 120 percent hospitality to every customer. Alta Niña Resort has more than ten luxurious rooms.  Each airconditioned room has its own showeroom, two beds (depending on the package) and other facilities are for free, including the kitchen.

From Victory Liner - Caloocan going to Iba, Zambales (maybe 7 hours of travel, depending on the traffic)
Victory Liner - Iba, Zambales going to Candelaria, Zambales (more than an hour of travel)
Get off the bus in a waiting shed beside the high way near Candelaria Public Market.

After getting of the bus, we walked 200 meters going to the market and bought everything we need.
Then, we took tricycle going to Alta Niña Resort in Brgy. Sinabakan worth 20 pesos each times 3 passengers in one tricycle.

This Resort have everything that we look for.  From the clear water on the beach as really amazing, golden sunset and complete aminities.


" Just learn how to appreciate the real beauty of nature "

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