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Plaridel Municipal Hall

It was lunch time when I've reached the Plaridel Catholic Church, The first thing I did was I took photos outside the church since it was close.  Then I entered the convent, inside I saw different paintings and wooden sculptures in every corners.  It was hot outside the church, but inside this old structure? the air is cool maybe because the stone walls are really huge and thick. 

The photo on the left is the Plaridel Municipal Hall, just few meters away from the famous 410 year old church.  In front of this hall is an open plaza dedicated for those people who gave their lives for the nation's independence.  Expect for different people in this area and it is busy because it is the center of the town.

The open area also serves as the playground and canteen of the children who always take their lunch here. It also serves the home of the unfortunate street children. 

This is for Veterans of Worldwar II

just few meters from the old church and Plaridel Municipal Hall is an open plaza
and at the side are food stalls.

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