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Glad to be Globe

Photo taken at SM Mall of Asia
Entering the world of travel blogging is not easy job, at all! I gave everything just for this hobby, but as the time goes by, I noticed that this hobby turned into an addicting activity.  So, I allotted my time and money just for my blog posts.  My blog posts include mountains, solo-backpacking and travel tips.

In creating blog posts, computers with internet connections are just part of YOU SHOULD HAVE.  But, how about creating blog posts while travelling?  Take note, my blog is all about travelling and my journey, so I am very particular with mobile internet connections.  Mobile internet connections thru my android phone and mobile internet stick play a great role in every post that I created.  So, while I am inside the bus going to my destinations, I still can publish a great post for my readers.

How to Get to NAIA

This is part of my Solo-Backpacking Adventures

In travelling, if airplane is the flag carrier, one of the most important place before entering or leaving a certain place is through airports, correct? That’s why it’s should be one of the most organized structure in the country. Thousands of people pass to different ports of the Philippines and Ninoy Aquino International Airport is one of the famous gates in the country.  

But, how can we get to this airport? No need to worry about that, in this post, I will share to you on how I got to this airport (NAIA Terminal 3 & 4.) It will be applicable only to those people without check-in baggage or luggage. Read my story here why:

Food and Beverage Service

This video is only intended for application purposes, Thank you for understanding.

How to Get to Boracay Island

This is part of my Solo-Backpacking in Boracay

From metro manila going to the airport, here’s what I always do, you can visit this link: How to get to the Airport.  So, beside Kalibo International Airport, there are different modes of transportation that you can choose going to the Jetty Port – which is the entry point going to Boracay island.  I can suggest, you can ask the guards on duty at the airport if where you can take their public utility vehicles to the port. Buses and vans bound for Jetty Port can be found near the main entrance of the airport.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Freedom Climb is one of the most awaited events in a year in the world of Philippine Mountaineering.  It was formed few years ago by selected groups, and then participated by the other in the same field.  Almost all of the mountaineering groups that I joined online were promoting and creating their own events just for this date.  This date is one of the most important dates in the history of the Philippines as it signifies the independence of our country in 1898 at the house of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in Cavite.  As part of it, Batang Hamog Mountaneers created our own event on the same purpose, earlier than June 12 - which is the Independence Day.

Project HELP

Historical and heritage sites, beautiful scenic spots, and mountaineering activities – those are just some of my posts in this blog.  But now, I am proud to bring you a new post about helping other people. Since the members of our group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers are all travel and outdoor activity enthusiasts, so we are open to different people’s economic status and their livelihood in their area.  Just this year, we created an additional group that will focus on helping the less fortunate children.

Sapin sa Paa, Balik Eskwela Program

photo courtesy of Lamyerda Group
This is my first time to organize an event focusing on the less fortunate children.  We exerted all our efforts just to make this outreach program successfully happen.  Based on the faces of the children in this photo, the real happiness that they felt was unmeasurable and nobody can explain what they felt.  Just to give an idea, for each of the beneficiary, we gave two notebooks, pencil, crayon, eraser, sharpener enclosed in a plastic envelope.  But, with that simple things that our online friends sponsored, we received a SMILE and HAPPINESS in return.  Totally remarkable!  If you are interested to help and part with this program, you can LIKE Lamyerda Outreach in facebook, click here: Lamyerda Outreach.  Or email me here: mytravellingcup@gmail.com.  Rest assured that your donations will be given to those children who are really in needs.  Thanks!

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