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Travel Guidelines

Before traveling to a certain location, I always go to the book store, in traveling magazine section, and reading all the maps, history and other information of my next destination.  For me, it's very important that before I left the house, everything is okay.  From geographical maps, economical  status, mode of transportations, the nearest hotel and restaurant, the cultures and some other aspects that I should know about the place while in travelling. 

Why I am not doing it online, instead of going to the book store?  I don't have aircon in my apartment, that's the first one; secondly, I am only using limited hours in web browsing.  But, I am not poor, hahaha,  I really love reading books and magazines in the book store, because I can find peace in there while taking some notes about what's I am reading.

Look at the picture above, that is the smallest , but the most expensive Travel Booklet that I saw in the Book Store.  I don't know what's inside it, because I didn't buy it, but based on the title itself, I think we may think something about Travel Tips.

These pictures were taken in the book store, not in the library.  Good thing that they combined all the travel books and magazines in just one section.  Of course, since I am promoting the beauty of the PHILIPPINES, I focus on the local tourist spots here.  Topics are all about maps, photography, travel tips and some other travel related information.

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