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I am Not a Professional Photographer

In every travel blogs that you can find online, photos can make a travel blog more attractive.  In every blogs, their are some styles that the writers uses to make each article looks great and appears good to the readers. 

But, how can I please my readers to keep visiting my blogs?  I really have no idea why I got minimum of 200 visitors per day.  I can't say that I have great photos in each articles because honestly, I don't have a proper training in photography, plus the fact that I am just using my 3.2 MP cellphone camera, but still I am receiving positive feedback from my readers about some of the photos that I've used in my blog articles.  Some of my readers asked me if what camera do I use in some photos, so, I answered honestly.

Now, in my opinion, I can say that getting beautiful photos will depend on how you emphasize the meaning of what's in the photos.  The size of the image itself will be a great help during the editing process, but it will NOT affect the meaning of the photo, at all!

Now, I am planning to buy a water proof digital camera, at least now, I can take some photos even it's raining or even I am attending some festivals that water involve, like the Higantes Festival 2012.

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