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Bahay Paniki Cave

The Bahay Paniki Cave (House of Bats) is located 300 meters south of the Aguinaldo Cave.  This par of the National Park is not easy to penetrate due to some sharp and slippery stones.  Since the area is composed of plants, it serves as the home of some poisonous snakes, scorpions and insects.   Look at the photo on the left, that's how the entrance looks like.  The opening is really enormous and surrounded by huge boulders.  The trees and some plants already created their own group in the mouth of the cave.  I was standing few meters from the mouth, but I actually smell something I couldn't recognize and the guide told me that it's the bats poops.  I also heard the noise comming from the cave and I am pretty sure that it's from the bats.

The boulders are really huge, I think it's like a two storey building tall.  Then beside the cave is the flowing water comming from the rocks inside the cave.  The color wasn't great, I don't know why, but it's so cold.  Inside this cave is an open space which stretches 30 meters up forming a colorful, gorgeous and spacious dome.

On the way going to Bahay Paniki Cave is full of an amazing rock formation
photo on the left looks like a crocodile, while on the right is a gigantic rock

look at the stone walls, it's forming different images.

No need to worry about the long trail, it is safe because the DENR constructed a long pathway.
The bridges are the only way to reach the other side of this park, because entire park is sliced by
Balaong River (photo above)

the only way to go inside the cave is the small space below this golden boulder

at last! I've reached the entrance of this Historical Cave
the ambiance inside is really good, stunning stalactites!

Oh SEE!! the colorful stalactites

the sun shine produces the golden reflection on each stone, plus the amazing green.

this is the big window of the cave, as seen on Pic No. 6, It is said to be the home of at least six species of winged mammals like: kabag-kabag, ngusong kabayo, bungisngis, sibsib, bayakan and pakibu.
 Here's the videos:

captured outside the Cave

captured inside the Cave

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