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Passport Renewal

Getting your passport is much easier today! Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) placed their satellite offices in some malls nationwide. Before going to DFA Offices, make sure to visit www.passport.com.ph and placed your appointment (applicable for new applicant and renewal.) The website will give you option for where (DFA Office) and when (the available dates); you just need to select the best site and date in your convenience. Next part will be the Online Form, just fill out the form with your personal information. Then, the site will redirect you to the next Part, which is the list of the requirements. MAKE SURE TO WRITE and RECORD EVERYTHING that is listed! When you’re done, print the form on a legal size paper (long bond paper.) If you are renewing your passport here are the requirements: Personal appearance, processing fee, bring your original passport with photocopy of the first and last page, photocopy of your valid ID and original birth certificate.

My appointment was in DFA Megamall at 11:00AM.  I allotted a lot of time just to make sure that I am on time. DFA Megamall is located on the 5th Floor, Building C. I was getting a hard time finding the  bridge that connects the main building to Building C. Follow this -> proceed to the 5th floor! If you’re on Bldg. A; take the right aisle of the building and walk few meters. If you’re on Bldg. B; take the left aisle of the building and walk few meters. If you’re confused, never hesitate asking questions to the people surround you!

Here are the steps to Follow in DFA:

1. Verification – at the entrance, there are receptionists who validate your printed form.
2. Processing – this is the area where your requirements will be submitted.
3. Cashier – the step where you need to make your payment (700 pesos for regular and 1200 for express.)
4. Encoding – your personal information will be encoded in the data base; your photo and finger prints will also be captured here.
-> Delivery (Optional) – if you want a hassle free transaction, you can sign up for a passport delivery for 120 pesos.
5. Exit – and you’re done! You can also visit this link: PushNatinToe

Things to know: "Photo copier is available at the DFA; but if you can photocopy all your requirements before proceeding to the DFA, it’s better."

Hoomia presents the Good Stuff

Mandaluyong, Philippines, 06 May 2014 – Hoomia believes that humming to one’s favorite sound is a feast for the sound and mind. At the press launch today, Hoomia presented headphones that satisfy the nostalgic, nature lovers and the playful.

Featuring full-range and dynamic sound field, Bon 9 emulates the old telephone design with excellent treble, vocal performance, and noise cancelling. Golden Pin design Awardee, Hoomia Bon5 was also featured in the show, the in-ear stereo headsets revive the warmth and acoustic efficiency of natural materials such as saffron pear, ebony, and maple. The magical experience of being youth was brought back to life by the Hoomia Magic Pencil, which prides itself with high purity of tone and rich layer of stereo sound quality.

Hoomia headphones were also featured in the press gathering, showing the Hoomia choices for the ultra-modern and classic design lovers. Utwo Ace which sports 30mm drivers with slim and soft painted covering and the U3 Classic fold flat 40mm driver headsets, both deliver vivid and accurate sound reproduction and deep bass response.

 (this is part of PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. Launching)

Stylish Powerbanks rock at press confab

Mandaluyong, Philippines, 06 May 2014 – Powerocks caused stir among the members of the press as Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of Powerocks for Philteq Enterprise, Inc. presented the various powerbanks available today, now getting smaller, safer, and easier to carry.

Highly demanding power users themselves, teh members of the press were impressed with the Stone 3 7800 capability to fully charge the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, and various smartphones for only 2 hours.
Another product which made magic was the lightweight Powerocks Flash Magicstick that bursts with soft metallic colors, the tiny power source was said to be ideal for individuals who are serious power users but know how to accessorize their digital life.

Other choices for jetsetters is the Powerocks Tetris 6000 that relive travellers from bringing a lot of gadgets, the powerbank is combined with an AC adaptors/charger which can be used in 150 countries. And for those who carry multiple smart devices but find it troublesome taking USB cables anywhere they go, the Magic Cube series found to be a good companion. It has a built-in USB and output, capable of charging two devices simultaneously, highly capacitated (it only takes two hours to charge an iPhone), yet energy-saving.

(this is part of PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. Launching)

Doss Speakers

Mandaluyong, Philippines, 06 May 2014- Doss presented to the members of the press its unique deviation from the speakers’ existing today, the Doss 1178 Bluetooth Wireless 3D surround stereo speakers for tablet computers and smartphones.

Fashioning colorful spherical speakers that seamlessly fit into the hand, the eye candies are remarkably powerful with its simple and quick Bluetooth pairing with digital devices. Music and voice fanatics have the option to use the speakers individually or in tandem for pure digital surround sound.

Audio enthusiasts should watch out for the hands-free long battery life and multiple peripheral connection capability of Doss 1156 and Asimom 3 DS-1189. The Doss 1156, has built in dual speaker, Doss patented air bass technology for superior surround sound experience. The Asimom 3 on the other hand has Bluetooth A2DP for quick pairing with other devices, and can be charged wirelessly with the included charging base.

Outdoorsy types can take their rugged lifestyle to the next level with the spill proof, scratch proof and collision resistant features of Hurricane DS-1302 and Doss 1209. Hurricane DS-1302 has Bluetooh A2DP function and uses NdFeb magnets for powerful audio transmission. Doss 1209 can be operated hands free and supports TF card for storage requirements.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the Doss Motion 1155, equipped with sensors that allow users control audio playbacks by the simple wave of the hand.

(this is part of PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. Launching)

Cannice presents Bluetooth series for Music and Calls

Mandaluyong, Philippines, 06 May 2014 – for the first time this year, Cannice presents its Bluetooth audio solutions to match the particular tastes of modern digital consumers.

Music enthusiasts can take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technology and up to 30 hours of music playing time of Cannice Headblue series, designed for the laid-back listeners to individuals who want to be entertained by an exclusive DJ. For those who chose freedom, the Muses 1 and Muses 2 offer extreme mobility through different wear options fit for music fanatics on the go or fitness buff, the series boasts up to 20 hours of run time and 300 hours of standby time.

A must have for extremely mobile business individuals, Cannice presents its iBlue6 and which combine the reliable capabilities, high speed, and low energy protocols of the classic Bluetooth with the latest powerful features of Bluetooth 4.0. This business wireless gadget is engineered with 6th generation CVC noise reduction technologies for crystal clear audio experience, and allow simple operation, switch-free connection to other Bluetooth devices. And for those who want to stick with handheld calling, the Padblue1 is the right deice. The wearable gadget utilizes 5th generation CVC noise reduction and provides 5 hours of talk time and music time respectively.

Cannice is one of the exclusive brands carried by PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. for the Philippine market.
(this is part of PhilTeq Enterprise Inc. Launching)

PhilTeq Enterprise Press Launch

Mandaluyong, Philippines 06 May 2014 – PhilTeq, is one of the trusted distributors of networking products and computer peripherals for home and office, launched today another segment that will surely hit the mainstream – the digital lifestyle appliances. The event is a visual feast of personal gadgets to match the ultra-modern and demanding lifestyle of the digital enthusiast of today.

First to shine was CanniceBluetooth headsets for music and calls, followed by the ultra-portable Doss Bluetooth speakers. Hoomia, presented their good stuff of wired headsets and headphones from Taiwan, and last but not the least, Powerocks stirred the crown and presenting its impressive line of Apple certified and widely compatible powerbanks.

“The Philippines boasts a very young market, a generation of discerning, mobile and independent consumers,” said Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of digital lifestyle gadget for PhilTeq. “We want to bring them only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own,” he added.

Karamihan assured that the launch will be followed by pocket events and consumer promos and make the products closer to the market. “It is important for us to educate the public that there are increasing choices of digital products that suit their taste and works really without spending too much.”

Cannice, Doss, Hoomia, and Powerocks are available at leading 3C stores nationwide.
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