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Travelling Cup the Explorer

You are familiar with Dora the Explorer, am I right? I absolutely love that character and one of the most important thing inside her backpack is her "Map" and my story will start from there.  I bought a map yesterday, the Map of Cebu City, which will be a part of my 24 hours tour in the Province of Cebu.  February 2013 was already marked in my calendar - my " 24 Hours Cebu City tour,"  so far, that will be my first time to ride in an airplane. 2009 I booked a flight for bohol, but due to some health problems, it wasn't successful.  Right now, I am praying that by next year, everything will be ok.

For only 199 pesos, I bought this map in a Book Store.  I think I will be needing this map because I don't have a GPS, I don't have a budget for that gadget yet.  Anyways, this map will be helpful for anyone who loves travelling especially me, I always travel alone in some provinces plus the fact that I have a limited time in doing it.  It can make my travelling experiences easier.

So, here's the street map which will serve as my guide in conquering the entire Cebu City and Mactan Island.  More than two months more before the date, so I need to familiarize myself to every corner of the streets in the Queen City of the South.

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