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Time is Gold

Time is gold, I do really believe that, everytime that I have meetings or I need to do something else, my watch plays a great role on it.  I like waiting, but I don't like that others will wait for me.

August 15, 2011, I bought my Speedo watch in the mall in Quezon City.  I can say, this is the most precious and the most expensive watch that I bought.  Of course, this watch is for underwater activity, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it to any scuba lessons.  I was able to use it for some of my swimming parties.

Among of my six watches, this is the only watch that I always wear for my out of town travel, jogging and everything.  The cute and sporty design, the color and the appearance of it every time I wear, is the reason why I love it.

I really love watches, I don't care about the brand, the color, as long as it fits my hand and I can handle it.  But, after one year and 3 months, after the Higantes Festival 2012, when I removed it from my wrist, I noticed that their was a small cut on the strap.  I felt so sad that time, it is really precious,  and I will do my best to replace the strap. 

I am Not a Professional Photographer

In every travel blogs that you can find online, photos can make a travel blog more attractive.  In every blogs, their are some styles that the writers uses to make each article looks great and appears good to the readers. 

But, how can I please my readers to keep visiting my blogs?  I really have no idea why I got minimum of 200 visitors per day.  I can't say that I have great photos in each articles because honestly, I don't have a proper training in photography, plus the fact that I am just using my 3.2 MP cellphone camera, but still I am receiving positive feedback from my readers about some of the photos that I've used in my blog articles.  Some of my readers asked me if what camera do I use in some photos, so, I answered honestly.

Now, in my opinion, I can say that getting beautiful photos will depend on how you emphasize the meaning of what's in the photos.  The size of the image itself will be a great help during the editing process, but it will NOT affect the meaning of the photo, at all!

Now, I am planning to buy a water proof digital camera, at least now, I can take some photos even it's raining or even I am attending some festivals that water involve, like the Higantes Festival 2012.

Travel Guidelines

Before traveling to a certain location, I always go to the book store, in traveling magazine section, and reading all the maps, history and other information of my next destination.  For me, it's very important that before I left the house, everything is okay.  From geographical maps, economical  status, mode of transportations, the nearest hotel and restaurant, the cultures and some other aspects that I should know about the place while in travelling. 

Why I am not doing it online, instead of going to the book store?  I don't have aircon in my apartment, that's the first one; secondly, I am only using limited hours in web browsing.  But, I am not poor, hahaha,  I really love reading books and magazines in the book store, because I can find peace in there while taking some notes about what's I am reading.

Look at the picture above, that is the smallest , but the most expensive Travel Booklet that I saw in the Book Store.  I don't know what's inside it, because I didn't buy it, but based on the title itself, I think we may think something about Travel Tips.

Why do I travel Alone?

Travelling alone? that sounds weird, am I right?  Maybe some people will not appreciate it, but I am truly happy in doing it.  I can't consider myself as Backpacker, because I always travel alone or together with just one friend and the fact that I travel 24 Hours.  The longest travel that I had was 30 Hours including my night sleep for 7 hours.  For eight months, I was able to travel some provinces, but some of them were together with Batang Hamog Mountaineers.

Travelling in some places, eating some local and exotic delicacies, taking remarkable photos and encountering many people - those are just some part of my travel experiences. 

Since I was young, I really love travelling and that time, I don't have digital camera yet, I have no idea about blogging; there was no facebook, no twitter, no anything that I can do to spread some of my beautiful memories to other people around the world who have the same passion in life, and that's - Travelling.

" 2007, from Romblon going to Manila to seek greener pasture," that's my statement everytime that someone asked me why I am working here in Manila instead of working in Romblon.  Well, that time I was just 18 years old turning 19, and I already knew what I want in the future.  For more than three years, I focused on my chosen career - Call Center Industry because that time, I thought I will be going to find the real happiness in receiving my salary every two weeks, but I doesn't work,  I am still looking for something that could make me happy - the happiness that I could share to other people in simple ways; the happiness that I could to share to my friends and love ones; the happiness that I could say: " Lord, thank You so much for everything!

The Pagoda

I just want to share this shot screen capture from a video that I also got from the Pagoda.  I really love it, I don't know what's in there, but I really love it.

Anyways, I've used my cellphone to get this photo.  Taken in Angono, Rizal, Philippines few hours before the start of the fluvial parade for the Higantes Festival 2012. That was an amazing experience, next year I'll be prepared for this event. hahaha, I don't need to take a bath in more than 5 times.

I forgot the exact location of where I shot this, but one thing I remember was, the cemented road was being filled with water from the river. Look at the bicycle, I think that the cemented road, but looks like a part of the river.  So, the air smells like I don't know, I wasn't a nice smell, but the people, especially the Brgy. Tanod of that area were really good and kind.  They were talking to us about the history of their Festival and how they celebrate it, but that time we already knew the origin.

30 Hours Historical Adventure in Bulacan

Sibika at Kultura and HEKASI tought us about the history of the Philippines, am I right?  Since reading history lessons were my hobbies during my elementary and high school, I didn't dream to become a historian or even becoming a history teacher.  I am curious and wandering if how people of the15th century live in our country and how they give a large impact in today's civilizations - that's the main reason why I decided to explore some of the Bulacan historical places.  The theme for my Bulacan adventure is: " 30 Hours Historical Adventure in Bulacan " For more information about the destinations, click the yellow phrases.

Merry Christmas

I got this photo in Tiendesitas, I really want to buy it, but due to some financial deficit in the US and some other European countries, I wasn't able to buy it, in short, I don't have money.

My bag that was really small, so I wasn't able to steal it from the store, hahaha.

Anyways, this lantern is made up of the capiz or the shells from the shore.  I don't have idea on how they transformed it into this gorgeous lantern.

I think it's good to put in our wide backyard near our swimming pool - well that's in my dream.  If you have time to visit Pasig City, have time to check Tiendesitas on their boutiques.  And just to give you an idea, I work just beside it, that building within the corner of Frontera Verde.

Plaridel Municipal Hall

It was lunch time when I've reached the Plaridel Catholic Church, The first thing I did was I took photos outside the church since it was close.  Then I entered the convent, inside I saw different paintings and wooden sculptures in every corners.  It was hot outside the church, but inside this old structure? the air is cool maybe because the stone walls are really huge and thick. 

The photo on the left is the Plaridel Municipal Hall, just few meters away from the famous 410 year old church.  In front of this hall is an open plaza dedicated for those people who gave their lives for the nation's independence.  Expect for different people in this area and it is busy because it is the center of the town.

The open area also serves as the playground and canteen of the children who always take their lunch here. It also serves the home of the unfortunate street children. 

Cruz na Daan Church

This is the second church that I visited, I am not Roman Catholic but I really appreciated the ambiance inside this church.  The structure is gorgeous, from inside and out.  It contains doric design collumns and the design is like century old.  Finding this church wasn't easy, you know why? I just want to share this story: while going to San Miguel, Bulacan, I always capture photos using my cellphone camera, so that if I still have time before going back to Manila, I just need to browse the photos then ask the bus drivers or the those guys who issue tickets, I know that they know everything on the road. 

So, after the Bahay Paniki Cave, I took a bus going to San Ildefonso Church, since it was the first church that my camera captured.  So, when I was done with San Ildefonso, I took a jeep going to the next church that my phone capture and this is the Cruz na Daan Church.  I don't know the name of this church so I showed it to the driver, but he didn't recognize it.  So what I did was, since I was sitting on the front, I was looking at the window the whole time, until I saw this old but artistic church, so at last here it is!

Bulacan Provincial Capitol

My Bulacan Historical Adventure will not be completed without the center of it's province.  It is the house of the most powerful man in the province.  It also the place in where people of the government is taking their office.  The structure itself is covered with pearly white color which is really glamorous.  The ground is covered with well-maintained green bermuda grass.  And the trees added a great impact in the compound.

This is also the place where the other government institutions/offices can be found.  It is also the place where you can find the office of the most powerful man in the government of the province.  This compound is the location of the leading university in the province so expect for students studying in park located here.    Look at this statue in Bulacan Capitol Compound, this was my first time to be in this location.  The weather was perfect that time in capturing photos using my mobile.  The mode of transportation here is the small jeep which is really cute, unlike the jeepney here in Manila.

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Cave

After crossing the river with cold and clear water, then walked few meters while the shirtless people were taking a bath along the river, our goal was to visit the most important cave in this park.

The Aguinaldo Cave is the most notable among other caves of Biak na Bato National Shrine.  It is the cave where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, once took refuge while leading the resistance movement against the Spanish and American colonizers.  It is believed that this cave was the La Mesa de Aguinaldo, the table which Aguinaldo signed the historic Peace Treaty

This is a long narrow cave which contains different secret chambers.  According to history, the enemy has to literally crawl through the low portal and would ran smack against the waiting defenses of Aguinaldo's men. 

Today, tourists can enjoy the cool and fresh water flowing from this historical cave.  The stalactites and stalagmites formed different hues, sizes and even images. 

This is few meters away from the Bahay Paniki CaveNo need to worry on the trail, it is very simple and you're like walking the street.  But you need to be careful on those shirtless people, they might caught you staring at them, like what happened to me, that's not cool.

San Ildefonso Church

From my first location in my Bulacan Historical Adventure, which is the Bahay Paniki Cave, next will be this church which captivated my sight while our bus was running fast.  It was the first church that my phone captured.  It is just one ride from San Miguel, Bulacan.  You can take bus or jeepney that passes by.  You just need to tell the ticketing agent to drop you off here.

I tried to conduct a research about its history when I've reached the church, but unfortunately I wasn't successful on that plan.  I need to follow a certain rules to this kind of structure.  Here's what I've got online: this is one of the oldest church in the province of Bulacan.  As the population grow, a chapel was constructed under the parochial jurisdiction of San Rafael.  In 1809 up to 1911, Father Juan dela Rosa was named as the first Filipino priest of the town.

Baliuag Clock Tower

After invading the old churches in the northern part of Bulacan, I entered the mall first to take a rest and have a break time.  It was already 4PM, and since I still have time, and I was already in SM Baliaug, so I took a tricycle going to this amazing landmark. If you don't know the exact address, no need to worry, just tell the tricycle driver to bring you there.

I was few meters away from this landmark, but I saw a dome, which means something is there that I need to discover, maybe it is one of what's in my list and I am correct, that's the dome of Baliaug Church.

Baliuag Clock Tower is one of the popular Heritage attractions in the town.  Located in front of the centuries-old Baliuag Church.  Its red colored bricks changes in color depending on the sky color during sun set and on the reflection of the headlights of the vehicles that passes in the area, since it's erected in the middle of the street crossing.

This landmark is just twenty-minutes tricycle ride from SM Baliuag for 30 pesos.  The area is encircled by commercial establishments like drugstore, department stores, banks, cooperatives and some other boutiques.  The police station is also 6 meters away from this tower to maintain peace in the location.

Travelling Cup the Explorer

You are familiar with Dora the Explorer, am I right? I absolutely love that character and one of the most important thing inside her backpack is her "Map" and my story will start from there.  I bought a map yesterday, the Map of Cebu City, which will be a part of my 24 hours tour in the Province of Cebu.  February 2013 was already marked in my calendar - my " 24 Hours Cebu City tour,"  so far, that will be my first time to ride in an airplane. 2009 I booked a flight for bohol, but due to some health problems, it wasn't successful.  Right now, I am praying that by next year, everything will be ok.

For only 199 pesos, I bought this map in a Book Store.  I think I will be needing this map because I don't have a GPS, I don't have a budget for that gadget yet.  Anyways, this map will be helpful for anyone who loves travelling especially me, I always travel alone in some provinces plus the fact that I have a limited time in doing it.  It can make my travelling experiences easier.

Pakbet - bet na bet!!

The country's favorite vegetable delicacy is now here.  The Pakbet or Pinakbet in some areas.  This delicacy is actually rich in different vitamins and minerals which are really good for everyone.  This is the combination of squash, amplaya, eggplant, string beans or sitaw, okra, ground pork and the famous bagoong isda.

I think everyone in the Philippines knew and tasted this local food, correct?  But, for those tourists from other countries need to taste it, if you'll be visiting our gorgeous archeapelago.  You can find this food anywhere in 7,107 islands.  And take note, the taste of these food depends on the way of cooking in different locations.

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