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Bulacan Provincial Capitol

My Bulacan Historical Adventure will not be completed without the center of it's province.  It is the house of the most powerful man in the province.  It also the place in where people of the government is taking their office.  The structure itself is covered with pearly white color which is really glamorous.  The ground is covered with well-maintained green bermuda grass.  And the trees added a great impact in the compound.

This is also the place where the other government institutions/offices can be found.  It is also the place where you can find the office of the most powerful man in the government of the province.  This compound is the location of the leading university in the province so expect for students studying in park located here.    Look at this statue in Bulacan Capitol Compound, this was my first time to be in this location.  The weather was perfect that time in capturing photos using my mobile.  The mode of transportation here is the small jeep which is really cute, unlike the jeepney here in Manila.


If you are planning to go to other nearby town, this location is perfect for that, because the capitol compound serves as the crossing where the cute jeepneys are passing by.  In this compound you can also visit the Bulacan Museum where you can find some of the historical artifacts like paintings and some other relects.

It is just one ride from Basilica Minore, Malolos City Hall, Casa Real Shrine, Jose Cojuangco Mansion, Barasoain Church

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