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Extra Challenge

I juts LIKED a new show from GMA7, I created a post in this show because, I absolutely love it!  This show boosted my enthusiasm in extreme challenges and travel even when I was in elementary, and now I am 23 years old, I am sure that I will be more. . .  than . . . happy for this new EXTRA CHALLENGE!

I really can't wait for the airing, I just hoping that this show will exceed my expectations.  You guys, what are you waiting for, like EXTRA CHALLENGE on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ExtraChallenge or even follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/extra_challenge 

A Simple Life within 24 Hours

I grew up in a not so rich and not so poor family in Romblon.  Our life is just ordinary like others.  We have three meals a day, we have clothes and other necessities, but we don't have a lot of gadgets.  I can't identify if what's the big difference between a rich and poor family unless I was able to experience both, right?  So I need to have an idea if how can I differentiate a poor and rich life.

At least now, in my five years in working in call center, I can say, I am living with richness because I can buy and do anything I really want.  Money in my life is really a huge help for me and my family to have a good life.  In doing this article, I was inspired by some tv documentarist.  I want to live in a simple house with some important people of my life.  My aunt and grandma who were living in the not so modern part of Mindoro.

September 21, 2012 I left my modern world, I left my stressful job, I left my apartment, I left my friends, I left everything except my personal things and of course I left my electronic gadgets except my phone with camera.  I traveled alone for few miles from Manila for eight hours and the destination - North Uyao, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

Fat Butchie's

Taking my lunch break is part of my Itinerary everyday especially if I am in the office.  Today, I will be giving a tribute the only place that I always visit for my lunch.   Fat Butchie's  Native Lechon Liempo - located at Tiesdesitas, Pasig City, Philippines.  I always enjoy eating angus and some vegetables served with free ice tea for just less than a hundred pesos.  The waitress are so kind.  If you want to request something, surely they will provide it to you.

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