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Biak na Bato

Biak na bato
Bahay Paniki Cave is one of the highlights of Biak na Bato National Park. This park is located in Baranggay Biak na Bato, San Miguel, Bulacan. It was declared as national park in 1937 by the former president Manuel L. Quezon. Biak na Bato (split of boulder) This park was the location where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo signed the Malolos Republic (first Constitution of the Philippines.)

Biak na bato
This bridge serves as the connection going to certain parts of the park. Balaong and Madlum Rivers are both located in this national park. The local government built a river wall in each side of the river to protect the soil from soil erosion. The trail going to each highlights are cemented for protections. In this park, three caves can be found. These caves were used by the Katipuneros during the Spanish Colonial lead by Emilio Aguinaldo. Please click the links in yellow to see more photos and its historical value.

Ambush CAve
(Photo above) Ambush Cave or Yungib 1. To know more about this cave, click here: Ambush Cave

Hospital Cave
(Photo Above) Hospital Cave or Yungib 2. To know more about this cave, click here: Hospital Cave

Imbakan Cave(Photo Above) Imbakan Cave or Yungib 3. To know more about this cave, click here: Imbakan Cave

Tangapan Cave
Another highlight of Biak na Bato National Park is located on the other side. Here you can find Madlum Cave, Bayukbuk Cave and other caves located near Mt. Manalmon. This part is the home of adventure; you can try rock climbing, spelunking and other outdoor activities. You can also check my Bulacan solo-backpacking details here: 30 Hours Historical Adventure in Bulacan.

How to Get Here:
(For Biak na Bato National Park)
Take a bus from Baliwag Transit Cubao going to San Miguel (just tell the konduktor to drop you off in tricycle terminal to Biak na Bato.)
Take a tricycle to the location.

Five-Star Bus Terminal EDSA-Cubao, bus fare is 117pesos. (Cubao to Camias)
Departure: 4:37AM  -  Arrival in Camias: 6:35AM (Total Gas station)
Took Tricycle going to Mt. Manalmon jump off point.

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