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How Important is your Budget for Travelling?

Travelling is one of the most expensive interest or hobby in the world.  You need to exert your effort and stretch your wallet for your expenses.  In my blog, all my adventures are the cheapest way!  I can't afford paying travel agencies just for my trips.  I always create a budget for every trip, to make sure that everything will be okay and no travel problems.

Before packing up your things inside your backpack, you need to do a short research then create your budget.  Creating your budget is very crucial, because your travel expenses will depend on this.  Few weeks ago, I saw a news on TV, " there was one forienger visited the Philippines, but due to some finacial problems he encountered while he was travelling here, he forgot that his budget didn't fit on what's on his expenses, " that might happen you or even to me.  That's why a month before my travel dates, I make sure to fix my Itineraries first then calculate my expenses.

In budgeting, you need to be aware on your transportation and this is the most important.  Take note, you need to consider the back and forth expenses.  If you have the sidetrips going to different locations, you should include that in budgeting.  Even the single centavo must be kept, remember: Centavo is also a Money.  In airfare, you can search from some airline companies who caters promos from selected locations at a certain time, sometimes they offer 0 Peso Fare, so it's really a big discount!

Trail Garbage

If you love the nature, and if you love extreme sports, Mountaineering is one of the best interests that everyone should try and will fit you.  In mountaineering,  you need to consider everything, from the travel itineraries and expenses.

Being a mountaineer, we should be aware of the status of our ecosystem.  Remember, the mountain and the mountaineer should have a great relationship.  Mountains can give the mountaineer an amazing experience thus, mountaineer should also give the mountains with care.

Look at the picture on the left, He's Mike, certified nature lover.  I've been with him from Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Batulao, and during those climb, I've noticed that he's always bringing garbage bag or plastic.  While he's walking on the trail, he make sure that there will be no plastics on the trial before he left. 

That's the real mountaineer, the one who knows how to take care the mountain, the one who knows how to love the nature, not just for the sake of the numbers of peaks being reached. 

Today, some mountains are close, because DENR is letting the vegetation to grow first before opening it to mountaineers.  I am also hearing that the famous mountain in the Northern Philippines will be closed, because many event coordinators are bringing a lot of tourist there.  Just for the sake of money, they don't care about the garbage being brought and being thrown by those tourists. 

I truly understand how tourism is important to our country, but then, we need to know how to balance and how to take good care of our ecosystem.  I think we are all aware about what's happening every time that the heavy rains falls.  The Metro are being flooded, and that's one of the results if we forget to take care our mountains.

Christmas Gifts I received

Last December 25, 2012 - three people gave me gifts, and I was so happy on what they gave me.  I think these gifts came form their hearts.  I am posting it here because I want to thank them for this simple but cute gifts.  Wewen gave me a planner which has an envelope design on the side.  The planner is absolutely useful for my travel itineraries, I can prepare myself more before going to any destinations - wherever it is. It's just a pocket size so it's really covenient for me right?

Shine gave me ballpen, which is also useful, how can I use Wewen's planner if I don't have the pen right?  So I think Shine knew what I really need to have.  But, look at the photo on the left, the pen has a brilliant  pink color which means? I don't know, maybe it reflects my personality? 

The third  one is a key chain from Bicol, collecting key chains is actually one of my interests and now, I already have 10 from different people from different please, I like them so much, but I don't like buying it, I want that someone will give me this.

So, to all my readers, I am still waiting for your gifts, I don't care if today is not a Christmas day, but I am still willing to accept what ever it is.  Thanks in Advance!

Happiness in Blogging

Year 2008 when I started my first blog site www.emoterangsidharzie.blogspot.com, it contains everything about my personality and my experiences.  I created my blog site from Blogger by Google Inc., and with the help of Google, I was able to navigate my blog site carefully.  

At first, I didn’t know how to create proper settings, template and other things about Blogger, but after several times, I learned the proper ways.  Blogging is a good hobby and interest which I enjoyed a lot especially when I received positive feedback from my online friends.  I admit that writing is very important in this kind of interest, which I think I don’t have a hundred percent about that skill, but I don’t care about it.  As the days goes by, I also learned a lot; from grammar, spelling and some other technical things in writing.

Quezon City Hall

Last December 25, 2012, since my family is not here in Manila, I celebrated my Christmas day here in Quezon City.  Not exactly inside this building (photo in the left) but in three locations.  The first one is the office, I had a shift during Christmas day, and that's probably okay, because it's holiday, so that's double pay right?  Second, together with Delg and Kim, we went to Quezon City Circle to buy our jogging attire, the dri-fit shirts, third was SM North EDSA for our dinner.

Early in the morning of December 25, while going to the office, I saw an accident just few meters from the office.  It was Hyundai Tucson, I think that's newly bought, because there was no Plate Number yet.  The accident was really unfortunate to the owner, and when I saw the driver? really unfortunate, he's cute I promise, but since I was in the car, I just whispered " GoodLuck."

SM Mall of Asia

This is my third time to visit this enormous SM Mall in Asia, the first was during the third day of it's opening, then second was during my audition for Pinoy Big Brother where I got the attention of the crowd and went to semis, but I still missed to be in the show, anyways, that was an old story, I still have 2013 and December 26, 2012 was the third day.  SM Mall of Asia is situated along Jose W. Diokno Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines.  Just 15-minute jeep ride from MRT-Taft Avenue Station. Here, you can find anything you want, absolutely complete, from foreign to local brands!  Early in the morning, you can enjoy the cold breeze coming from Manila Bay while doing your exercise.  It is also the house of different activities and rides like you're in an amusement park.  The Seaside part which is facing the Manila Bay is absolutely perfect for those people who loves exercise or aerobics.  You can also feel the sea breeze which is fresh compared to some part of Manila.

MOA, Intramuros and Star City for 12 Hours

Last December 25, 2012 - Baracks, Daryl and Enzo had a short talk on what they can do on the 26th, since we don't have shift on that day.  I was not included in that conversation, but when I heard about their plan, I stood up and join them in their plans.  Since it's just few more days and it's Rizal Day on the 30th, they decided to visit the Intramuros, then lunch break at SM Mall of Asia then to the Star City in the evening.

December 26, 2012 - 10AM, we met at Mini Stop - Robinsons Galleria.  First up to the last to arrive  was Daryl, Me, Enzo, Baracks.  When the mall opened at 10AM, we first took a short break, I paid my internet bill then Enzo bought his shirt and Daryl waited for Baracks.  So, everyone was already there, we're four, took our breakfast/lunch in the food court while waiting for Delgin.

Intramuros, Manila - The Walled City

Intramuros is the oldest district in Manila and the home of many historical events in Philippine History.  It is known as the Walled City of Manila and was center of the Spanish government during their colonial period.  Intramuros is a Latin word, which means "within the walls."

The construction of this walls started by the Spaniards on 1590 and continued under many governor-generals until 1872, this is to protect and to defend the city from a the foreign invasions.   The walled city was originally located along the shores of  Manila Bay and has an irregular shape, but looks like an Ace of Spades.  It follows the shape of Manila Bay and the curves of Pasig River.  It covers 64 hectares land area and surrounded by 8 feet thick stones and 22 feet high walls.

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