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Time is Gold

Time is gold, I do really believe that, everytime that I have meetings or I need to do something else, my watch plays a great role on it.  I like waiting, but I don't like that others will wait for me.

August 15, 2011, I bought my Speedo watch in the mall in Quezon City.  I can say, this is the most precious and the most expensive watch that I bought.  Of course, this watch is for underwater activity, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it to any scuba lessons.  I was able to use it for some of my swimming parties.

Among of my six watches, this is the only watch that I always wear for my out of town travel, jogging and everything.  The cute and sporty design, the color and the appearance of it every time I wear, is the reason why I love it.

I really love watches, I don't care about the brand, the color, as long as it fits my hand and I can handle it.  But, after one year and 3 months, after the Higantes Festival 2012, when I removed it from my wrist, I noticed that their was a small cut on the strap.  I felt so sad that time, it is really precious,  and I will do my best to replace the strap. 

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