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Mt. Maculot | Hiking to the Rockies

Mt. Maculot
Mt. Maculot is one of the mountains lying in southern Luzon which is prominent for mountaineers because of its special feature. Maculot is one of the best option for day hikes because of its minor trail, virgin forested area, fresh air, cool ambiance and the perfect location if you’re looking for a perfect shot of the world famous and most active Taal Volcano. It also has the famous rockies.

The Trail | Majority of the trail is ascending and got 3 rating out of 9 in terms of its difficulty, but again never under estimate a mountain. Also, expect for a sweaty trek because the trail is covered with trees and it blocks the cold sea breeze. Buko juice and halo-halo stores are present in almost every 10 meters of the trail, so hikers can replenish the lost body fluids.

Mt. Maculot Rockies
Special Feature | Few meters from the camp site, hikers have an option to do a death defying poses on the Rockies (like what I did). This part is quite difficult and challenging because it’s really on the top, and is just a small area. The wind is strong which can push a person that might result to out of balance.

Mt. Maculot Campsite
The camp site is an open area which can handle more than 20 tents, depending on the sizes. The area is covered with grass however, some parts were covered with garbage thrown or left by irresponsible hikers. Here, you have a perfect spot for making the Taal volcano as your background. The breeze is also cool, especially at night, so bringing a jacket is highly recommended. 

Since what we did was a traverse, another journey was ascending to the summit of Maculot. It took us two hours to reach the summit. But while on the trail, I easily noticed the fresh and green mosses hanging on the trees, a proof that this mountain still has a virgin forest. Some wild flowers were also blooming that time and the dews on the leaves and petals were like diamonds. Traversing Maculot also includes hopping on and off the rocks and a roped segment. 

Setting your expectations | Mt. Maculot doesn’t have any water source near the camp site or on the summit. Everyone needs to bring their own food, water and supplies; you can buy supplies at Cuenca Market. Insect repellent lotion is also advisable since the area is covered with grass and weeds. For the traverse, I would suggest to wear a comfortable outfit, especially in roped segment.

PLEASE DON’T DO: As what I mentioned above, during our visit, there a lot of empty liquor bottles and garbage at the camp site; so seeing those stuff was really irritating. To all hikers, trekkers and picnickers please be responsible on what you’re doing. What you bring on the mountain, bring that back off the mountain. Another thing, hikers paid a registration fee before ascending, and it doesn’t show that the area is well managed. 

How to get here? Here’s what we did | In Buendia, we rode a bus bound for Batangas and alighted in Tambo Exit. Then, rode in a jeepney bound for Cuenca, Batangas and alighted in Cuenca Market, travel period was within 20-30 minutes. At the back of the market we rode a tricycle going to the jump off (tricycle drivers already knew the place).

Pope Mobile | Cebu Cathedral Museum

Pope MobileIn few days, Pope Francis will be in the Philippines to inspire and to spread the word of God. Nakakalungkot lang na sa araw-araw kong panonood ng TV, ang mga balita ay tungkol sa pag-bisita ng Papa, buhay ng Papa at kung anu-ano pang tungkol sa Papa. Habang tumatagal, mas lalong nawawala ang totoong essence ng kanyang pag-bisita sa bansa. Mas marami pang patalastas tungkol buhay ng Papa kesa sa buhay ni Kristo. VERY WRONG mga Mem and Sir. Anyways, during my solo-backpacking in Cebu, I saw this Mercedez Benz car which was used by the late Pope John Paul II in 1995 during the World Youth Day. Currently restored in Cebu Cathedral Museum, click: Read More

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