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San Ildefonso Church

From my first location in my Bulacan Historical Adventure, which is the Bahay Paniki Cave, next will be this church which captivated my sight while our bus was running fast.  It was the first church that my phone captured.  It is just one ride from San Miguel, Bulacan.  You can take bus or jeepney that passes by.  You just need to tell the ticketing agent to drop you off here.

I tried to conduct a research about its history when I've reached the church, but unfortunately I wasn't successful on that plan.  I need to follow a certain rules to this kind of structure.  Here's what I've got online: this is one of the oldest church in the province of Bulacan.  As the population grow, a chapel was constructed under the parochial jurisdiction of San Rafael.  In 1809 up to 1911, Father Juan dela Rosa was named as the first Filipino priest of the town.

This church is located just along the highway going to San Miguel, Bulacan, if you're from Manila.  It is very accesible to those people travelling from Manila. You can easily recognize it because of the its color.

This church is one of the famous destination in the town especially for Roman Catholics.  According to some resident near this church, the construction of this church and convent started 1691 but due to some economic problems encountered in 1734, it wasn't finished.  The style of the facade is simple, almost has the same appearance with the other old churches in the Province.

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