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Pandin Lake | Laguna

Pandin Lake 
Pandin Lake
During our Freedom Climb 2014 on Mt. Mabilog

Another pride of southern tagalog region are the lakes located in the province of Laguna. One of these water systems are the seven crater lakes located in San Pablo, Laguna. Not only that, these seven lakes are considered as mystical and legendary because of the stories spread in the area and even in some Filipino mystical books. And finally, I was able to witness and experience how gorgeous Pandin Lake is.

The area is surrounded by a brilliant green because of the trees and plants. The lake looks like a mirror from afar because of its crystal clear waters.

Pandin Lake
According to the stories spread in the area, Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo were both named after two lovers. Pandin (the girl) was a beautiful woman who was cursed not to step on the ground, unless something terrible might happen to someone. Yambo (the guy) her lover, didn't know about this curse and had made Pandin to step on the ground. After which, a terrible noise followed by the cracking grumble of the earth and a heavy downpour eventually converted the area into twin lakes separated from each other by a bare strip of land. - story from wikipedia.org

Today, this area is one of the spots to visit in San Pablo, Laguna. This area is perfect for picnic and other nature tripping. Cottages on water rafts are available for rental. You can definitely bring your own food; buko, halo-halo and other refreshments, and accessories are also available at the store. Parking area and wash rooms are available. You can also visit these links: Bunga Twin Falls and Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

How To Get Here:

You can take a bus ride from Jam Liner (Kamias) going to Stop Light or 7-11 in San Pablo, Laguna. Walk few meters (ask the locals on what street to take) or you can ride a tricycle going to San Pablo Church. At the church, Jeepneys are available going to Lake Pandin.

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