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Bunga Falls | Laguna

Bunga Falls

Bunga Falls
This was our side trip during our Mt. Mabilog Freedom Climb 2014. After the tiring adventure we had, we freshen up at Bunga Falls which is located in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Just within 30 minutes from the jump off.

The ambiance in the area was cool, it was not so crowded when we arrived. There were few cottages left, so we had options to select the best spot. While the others were busy preparing our lunch, some of us were at the pool. Watching the people jumping off the cliff of the water falls was exciting. Those guys on the photo -> are Iosif and Mon.

The area is surrounded by trees and gorgeous rock formations, thus it gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling. According to the residents, the deep of the pool is more than 20 feet, so for those people who are not into swimming, please lang wag na umarte at wag na magpasikat. There were accidents happened in the area.
Bunga Falls
the Panoramic Shot of Bunga Falls
 Bunga Twin Falls was named after Bunga (betel nut) which used to be grown and spread in the area. From the parking area, this is a 10-15 minutes trek down to the main attraction. The trail is very accessible, so you can capture a lot of photos in the area. For those brave individual, you can jump off the cliff of the water falls. We stayed here for more than three hours then proceeded to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. You can also visit these links: Mt. Mabilog and  Pandin Lake

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