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Mt. Mabilog | Laguna

Mt. Mabilog
Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal - taken at the camp site of Mt. Mabilog

Southern Luzon is one of the regions in the Philippines which offers a great hiking experience to all the hikers; primarily because of the mountains, hills and forest areas that spread in the area. The province of Laguna is one of the best spots in this region with great views to offer, and of course more stories to tell.

Mt. Mabilog is situated in the Laguna. This mountain measures 441 MASL and serves as the boundary of the towns of San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna. This mountain lies and surrounded by the legendary lakes, which adds an amazing views from the summit. This mountain is smaller than the Mts. Banahaw and Cristobal, but contains gorgeous background.

Mt. Mabilog
at the jump off, going to Pandin Lake
Photo above shows on how we prepared ourselves, after getting off the jeepney. We were preparing for our stuff before our journey started. This area serves as the parking area for those people who want to visit Pandin Lake. This area is wide and open, and just beside the highway.

Next part was the pathway going to Pandin Lake.  Some part this pathway is concrete but most are not. There were houses along the way, and then the concrete and iron walls which belong to a private property are also present beside the pathway.

Pandin Lake

Pandin Lake

(photo above and right) Lake Pandin

We arrived at Pandin Lake at around 3:40PM. From afar, the lake looks like a mirror that captures the image of the sky. The area is surrounded by trees, coconut and other plants, perfect for relaxation and everything is natural. The ambiance in the area is cool, the air is fresh, and the water is clear; everything is so pristine and clean. We spent few hours and had our lunch break at the same spot. Reminder: Wash rooms are available, accessories and food are also for sale.

Batang Hamog
We left Pandin Lake at around 4:37PM and started trekking. The trail class of Mt. Mabilog got a 2/9 rating, so it’s perfect for the people who are looking for a relaxing hiking experience, especially for first time hiker. The first part of the trail is well-established, because it serves as the trail of the locals and their horses. A road is also visible in the area (photo above); according to our guide, this road will connect from this baranggay going to the other side of the lake.

Mt. Mabilog
The view of Mt. Dawit
Along the trail, some fruit bearing trees, coconut and bananas are visible. Animals like cattle, horses, goats, carabao and others spread in the area. While on trail, expect for tall grasses that serve as the houses of different kind of insects.

Next part was the assault to the summit. It was just 10-20 minutes before the summit, but I got a hard time breathing (because it's my first climb after two months.) At around 6:04PM, we were able to reach the summit. The summit has the perfect view Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal. The two of the seven lakes are also visible from afar. The sunset was perfectly stunning!!

When everyone was already on the summit, rested for few minutes, then we all pitched our tents to our designated areas. After that, we started preparing our dinner. When we're done with our dinner, we started with our socials. As usual, that night was full of laughter, happiness and of course drama. We talked about everything under and over the sun. We also celebrated Ginger's  birthday at 12 mid night, then continued with our socials. I think it was already 3AM when we stopped the celebration. I prefer to sleep outside the tent for some personal reason. But, I was fine that time! #busted!

I woke up at 7AM. Still #busted. When the others woke up, I went back to bed, I mean to sleep. They prepared our breakfast while I was asleep. Did some photo shoot. Then started breakcamp. We left the summit at around 8:49AM and proceeded to Pandin Lake for a short break and while waiting for the others. When they arrived, we proceeded to our next destination -> Bunga Falls.

Bunga Falls
We arrived at Bunga Falls at around 12:30PM. The areas was cool, has fresh air, the rock formations were totally amazing. The area is was not so crowded when we arrived. Surrounded by plants and trees which give a relaxing feeling. There were few cottages left, so we had options to select the best spot. These cottages are for rent and wash rooms are available. More information and photos of the falls. While the others were busy preparing our lunch, some of us were at the pool. Watching the people jumping off the cliff of the water falls was exciting. We stayed in the area for few hours then proceeded to our next destination.
Underground Cemetery
(photo above) The Chapel in Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery
From Bunga Falls, we traveled more than 30 minutes going this amazing landmark in Nagcarlan, Laguna. While on the way, most of us were silent and were sleeping. I woke up when we're already at the gate of the Underground Cemetery. More photos and information, click here: Underground Cemetery. We enjoyed this landmark for less than 30 minutes then proceeded to San Pablo, Laguna Stop Light. Waited for bus bound for Manila.

After a year, I was able to meet these people. This experience is one of best! Till next time!

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