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Burot Beach | Batangas

Burot Beach
Looking for a place to relax and at the same time wants to experience adventure? Burot Beach is the perfect place for you. It is situated in the Municipality of Calatagan, Batangas – just few hours travel from Metro Manila. It is another spot that this province can be proud of. History: Burot Beach was formerly known as Elizalde Beach, because it was previously owned by Elizalde family - a wealthy clan in the Philippines and then bought by the SM Group of Companies. Today, it is privately owned by the SM Group and still open to public.

Burot Beach
Our weekday adventure is such a challenge; original plan was to do commute but at the last minute, we changed our minds and brought private vehicle. All of us doesn’t have idea if where’s our exact destination and even no idea if where’s the right way to take. Since technology is everywhere, we used it as our guide to find the right way. Special thanks to WAZE application which helped us all the time. YOU TOO! You can use your android or iOS phones to download GPS related apps.

We left Quezon City at around 1000hours and our route was on C5 going to SLEX. Then passing on the highways of Tagaytay and Nasugbu town proper. It was a long journey on the highway, but yet full of energy and *basagan. Our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) in Calatagan Public Market was at 1300hours. Then bought everything at the market. Our ETD (Estimated Time of Departure from the market was at 1400hours. We were still following the WAZE given path; passing by the cemetery and on a rough road.

Burot Beach
Our ETA at Burot Beach was at 1421hours. Free Parking. Paid 130 pesos for our entrance fee for overnight, per head. Since we brought our own tent, we only paid 20 pesos for the pitching area. When we get off the van, I easily noticed the fresh air, although the wind was really warm because of the weather. The sun was striking, but still I enjoyed getting great photos, like photo above.

Burot Beach
The beach has semi-fine creamy colored sand, kissed by the clear waters. Living creatures like fish, crab, starfish, sea grass and some other mollusks can also be found in the water. While there was still sun light, we pitched our tents, and prepared our food for dinner. Griller for rent is also available in the area; just bring your own uling. Table for rent are available for 200 pesos. Before the sun set, we took our dinner.

Burot Beach
While walking by the beach, I was astounded by the gorgeous sun set (photo above.) The wind seemed to be cool while the darkness started embracing the area. The blue skies covered by the cirrus clouds transformed into a powerful orangey skies which creates an amazing horizon - a horizon that serves as the only connection of the skies to the waters. The trees and the rock formations also formed a perfect silhouette with the beautiful background.

Burot Beach
 After spectacular sun set, we went back to our camp site and started our socials. Mawawala ba ang card games, tapos card games, at sandamakmak na card games sa ganitong panahon? Syempre hindi! After the card games, we enjoyed lighting fireworks by the shore. REMEMBER: Always ask permission first from the guards on duty before doing such kind of activity. Pagkatapos nun, I chose sleeping outside the tent, konting kwento tapos sinundan ko na ang liwanag at sumama na ako sa isang sundo na naka-puti at may dalang puting tandang. At ako’y NAMAHINGA NA. 

Burot Beach
Akala ko dere-derecho na tulog ko, nakaramdam ako ng limang droplets ng ambon, kaya agad akong tumayo at inilipat ang aking higaan sa ilalim nang aming table, at doon ay muling sinundan ko ang liwanag. Si Kerwin hindi lumipat ng higaan, kasi sabi nya, apat na droplets lang nang ambon ang naramdaman nya, e dapat lima kasi bago mag-force evacuation eh. Akala ko dere-derecho na, but passed 3AM, another group arrived and chose the space almost beside us. Pag-dating eh akala mo eh me pyesta at may mga speakers sa bunganga. Hindi man lang naisip na may mga tulog na katabi. At hindi ko na nagawang matulog pa! Nung naapakan ako ni Kerwin at napansin kong tumayo na sya, bumangon narin ako at nag-handa ng kape. Kwentuhan while the wind was cool. Nung maliwanag na, we do break camp and prepared ourselves. May mga nag-tampisaw sa dagat and the others, including me, chose to use the bath room. While waiting for my turn to use the bath room, there was a group near the washing area talking about gays. Hahaha. Syempre agad akong lumingon at tumingin sa kanila, sabay hawi ng buhok ko. Ayun, natahimik sila bigla, akalain nyong nadala ko sila sa hawi ng buhok.

Burot Beach
When we’re done cleaning the area, set the GPS and left Burot Beach, our ETD was at 0718hours. Next plan was to have a break in Tagaytay, but was resulted to Nuvali. ETA in Nuvali was 1005hours. It was an amazing experience, especially seeing those people that are not a camper type. Natutuwa akong makita silang nag-hihirap. Hahaha.

Burot Beach
If you want to add more excitement and planning to do commute, you can take a ride in Celorosa Buses, located in Coastal Mall Grand Terminal. Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours going to Calatagan Public Market. Another option, is taking a van bound for Calatagan at the van terminal located beside MRT Taft Station and Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City. From the market, you can approach the tricycle drivers to bring you to Burot Beach. (TAKE NOTE: wag na wag nyong kakausapin ang tricycle huh, make sure driver kausapin nyo, kasi hindi sasagot yung tricycle, agree?). Travel time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If you want to book a guide or tricycle drivers, PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW @TravellingCup on facebook and twitter; then send me a private message.

Here we are: Joel, Me (green), Kerwin, Pam (white,) Carlo and Joyce -->


1. GPS related application (kung NGA-NGA kayo sa navigation, like us)
2. Toll Fee (for private vehicles)
3. Cook set and stove
4. Headlamp or flashlights (no electricity in the area)
5. Fully charged batteries or speakers (for entertainment purposes, but NOT TOO LOUD, especially at night)
6. LNT (Leave No Trace) – there’s area for your garbage, STOP leaving your waste anywhere. Kung kayo ay may mga panis na pagkain na pwedeng pag-pyestahan ng langgam; PLEASE wag ilagay kung saan-saan, lalong-lalo na sa spot na pinag-lalagyan ng mga tents. Courtesy to the next camper.

7. LTL (Let Them Live) – may mga water animals, like starfish, jellyfish, fish at kung anu-ano pang fish sa dagat. NEVER bring them off the water.

8. Sanitation – toilets and wash rooms are available in the area, but not too decent like what you can see at the hotels. Sa mga babae, AVOID/NEVER/HUWAG ninyong isabit o iwanan kung saan-saan ang sanitation napkin nyo! Ilagay sa tamang waste disposal!

9. Bring everything that you need! Wala pong grocery store sa lugar na ito. 

10. KUNG KAYO AY MAY BALAK HUMABOL SA SUN RISE, TAPOS MGA 3AM DATING NYO SA BEACH; IWASAN NYONG MAGLAGAY NG SPEAKERS SA MGA BUNGANGA NYO HUH. WALANG MASAMA MAGING MASAYA, PERO ISIPIN PO NATING MAY MGA TULOG SA PALIGID! Mahirap magrelax kapag may maingay sa tabi-tabi, AGREE? Isa pa, kung  kayo ay may bagong flash light na gusto nyong ipagmalaki sa mga kasama nyo, WAG NYONG ITUTOK sa mukha ng mga taong natutulog sa buhangin! Kalowka, nagising ako dahil akala ko premier night ng pilikula eh, daming flash of lights na tumatama sa mukha ko, siguro kung bala ng baril yun, barag-barag na mukha ko nun.

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