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Happiness in Blogging

Year 2008 when I started my first blog site www.emoterangsidharzie.blogspot.com, it contains everything about my personality and my experiences.  I created my blog site from Blogger by Google Inc., and with the help of Google, I was able to navigate my blog site carefully.  

At first, I didn’t know how to create proper settings, template and other things about Blogger, but after several times, I learned the proper ways.  Blogging is a good hobby and interest which I enjoyed a lot especially when I received positive feedback from my online friends.  I admit that writing is very important in this kind of interest, which I think I don’t have a hundred percent about that skill, but I don’t care about it.  As the days goes by, I also learned a lot; from grammar, spelling and some other technical things in writing.

Just this July 2012 when I started my travel blog site:  www.travellingcup.blogspot.com.  The purpose of this site is to promote the natural beauty of nature, my mountaineering experiences, Historical places, Heritage sites, foods and many more!  Since I definitely love traveling, I created a unique concept that can get the attention of many readers.  Instead of

What are the things that I am using for Blogging:

1. 10.1" Acer Netbook - I bought this two years ago, that was my first time to use my credit card to purchase this laptop.  Since it is small, I can definitely bring it wherever I want to go.  Right now, many terminal, ports and even in the bus they already have their own WiFi, so no need for my mobile internet.

2. Camera - I bought my very first digital camera four years ago.  It was a Taiwanese Brand, 5 Mega Pixels for only 5,000 pesos.  The price is really high right? but that's the price that time.  My second camera is my 3.2 Mega Pixels Mobile phone camera which was bought on October 2012.  If you will visit the entire site from the month of purchase, almost 70 percent of the photos were captured using this.  My third camera is an Olympus TG-320 which was bought December 2012 from my 13th month pay.  It was also my gift for myself that year.

3. Broadband - for almost two years now, I am still using a plug n play broadband.  This is the lowest plan from a local network, but sometimes, I am getting slow connection, depending on the area.  So, I always upload and create post early in the morning because the broadband signal is really fast. 

4. Travel Itineraries - most of my travel in this blog were not planned properly.  For Air travel: I write down all the destinations I want to visit, then I'll check the promo fares from different airline companies and if ever I can carry the expenses, I'll write down the destinations in that specific location.  I always read different articles/blogs about that location to get some tips and to save money and effort. For Land travel: I do the same thing, write down the locations and destinations. I also search for the terminal and mode of transportation - the cheapest, the better.

If you will be going to start blogging, it's really an addicting interest.  You need to spend your time, effort and money just for a single post depending on your interest or topic.  But, if you want to create a travel blog, expect for enjoyment and happiness while you're traveling but budget is very important. 

Some would say, my concept is stressful, but I don't believe it, because stress is easy to handle, especially if you're receiving positive feedback from your friends and readers.

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