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How Important is your Budget for Travelling?

Travelling is one of the most expensive interest or hobby in the world.  You need to exert your effort and stretch your wallet for your expenses.  In my blog, all my adventures are the cheapest way!  I can't afford paying travel agencies just for my trips.  I always create a budget for every trip, to make sure that everything will be okay and no travel problems.

Before packing up your things inside your backpack, you need to do a short research then create your budget.  Creating your budget is very crucial, because your travel expenses will depend on this.  Few weeks ago, I saw a news on TV, " there was one forienger visited the Philippines, but due to some finacial problems he encountered while he was travelling here, he forgot that his budget didn't fit on what's on his expenses, " that might happen you or even to me.  That's why a month before my travel dates, I make sure to fix my Itineraries first then calculate my expenses.

In budgeting, you need to be aware on your transportation and this is the most important.  Take note, you need to consider the back and forth expenses.  If you have the sidetrips going to different locations, you should include that in budgeting.  Even the single centavo must be kept, remember: Centavo is also a Money.  In airfare, you can search from some airline companies who caters promos from selected locations at a certain time, sometimes they offer 0 Peso Fare, so it's really a big discount!

Your accommodation is another part of your expenses that should be budgeted.  Your class will depend in selecting what type of accommodation you should have.  If you have a lot of money in your wallet, then you'll get the most gorgeous accommodation.  If you have the limit in your wallet, like me, no need to worry, there's a lot of cheap hostels that you can select.  In my travel, since I focus on mountaineering and historical sites, I bought my own tent and backpack for my travel used.  So, instead of renting a resort or hotel, I just need to find an area where I can pitch my tent, and that's it!

I can find happiness in travelling, I admit that, but I am much happier every time that I encountered some travel problems while going to my destinations.  And I let myself to decide in my own way, resolve that issue right away.  After all those struggles, I am proud of myself on how I handled everything. 

Success is the fruitful result of your effort, after depending on your ability, you can say: I am tough and I am brave, I can handle everything.  To all the travel enthusiast, around the world, you just need to develop yourself to be more proactive in handling your own trips.  You are the one who manages your own destination; you are the one who creates your own path and you are the one who steps on your way into your new journey. 

Remember: Let yourself  open to any new challenges, don't limit your capabilities for a new experiences.

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