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MOA, Intramuros and Star City for 12 Hours

Last December 25, 2012 - Baracks, Daryl and Enzo had a short talk on what they can do on the 26th, since we don't have shift on that day.  I was not included in that conversation, but when I heard about their plan, I stood up and join them in their plans.  Since it's just few more days and it's Rizal Day on the 30th, they decided to visit the Intramuros, then lunch break at SM Mall of Asia then to the Star City in the evening.

December 26, 2012 - 10AM, we met at Mini Stop - Robinsons Galleria.  First up to the last to arrive  was Daryl, Me, Enzo, Baracks.  When the mall opened at 10AM, we first took a short break, I paid my internet bill then Enzo bought his shirt and Daryl waited for Baracks.  So, everyone was already there, we're four, took our breakfast/lunch in the food court while waiting for Delgin.

11AM - while eating, Delgin arrived, and of course she also took her breakfast/lunch.  After eating, we had a short picture picture.  From Robinsons Galleria, we walked maybe 200 meters going to the MRT-Ortigas Station.  MRT fare was 12 pesos going to MRT-Taft Avenue Station, that's the last station.  The entire travel last within 20 minutes.  But while on the way, the weather wasn't good, so we changed our plan, SM Mall of Asia first then followed by Intramuros then Star City.  That's how fast we were in decision making that time.
Under MRT-Taft Avenue Station, we took a Jeep going to SM Mall of Asia for 8-peso fare with travel period of 15 minutes. When we get off the jeep, the road was still wet, and Enzo was angry because Daryl accidentally stepped on his newly-bought shoes.  That's really frustrating, isn't it?

First thing we did in SM-MOA was, we went to the nearest comfort room, maybe to comfort themselves? I have no idea if what they did there, I was waiting for them outside for few minutes.  So, after comfort room, we started our walking exercise, we first went to the mall's activity center and took a lot of photos, then went to some boutique to get photos from their endorsers' poster like Iza Calzado and Chris Tiu.  After walking inside the mall for an hour, we went to the seaside area where the amusement park is located.  So sad! the weather was still not good, so we stayed and took a lot of pictures on the footbridge that connects the mall to the seaside area.  There are two bridges (one is in the end of the mall and one is in the other end) so we went back and fourth to get the perfect background (including the ferries wheel.)

While there were still few rain drops, we went to the seaside area, then checked all the rides available in the amusement park.  We also had a chance to take pictures in the large boulders in the seaside, courtesy of iPhone5. 

Passed 2pm, we were tired smiling and making extreme poses, so we decided to take our lunch.  We went back to the mall then to Gerry's Grill to take our lunch. We spent an hour and a half for our lunch, of course including picture taking and story telling by Daryl a.k.a. Lolo Inggo.  For our lunch: rice, fried chicken with fries, pancit canton, sisig and water with ice.

After that sumptuous meal for our late lunch, we took a taxi going to Intramuros, Manila.  The travel period was within 30 minutes for less than 150 pesos and 75 pesos for the Entrance Fee.  As always, the whole Intramuros trip was full of smile and pose in every corner.  If you want to buy foods or water, no need to worry, you can ask the park keeper and they will instruct you.  More photos? Click this link: Intramuros, Manila and Fort Santiago.

7PM, when we left the Historical Intramuros, just few meters walk going to the highway, then we took FX bound for Baclaran, but we get off at the front of Cultural Center of the Philippines.  Few steps before reaching the main Entrance of Star City.  Entrance Fee is 60 pesos, then 90 pesos for Snow World, so that's the total expenses.  But if you want the ride all you can, they actually have packages that will fit your needs and pocket.  Here are the photos taken at Star City, sorry I can't show some other photos because of it's privacy.

Our plan why we want to visit Star City is for the Snow World Adventure.  So in this trip, we actually visited Snow World, but then thing was, no other rides involve, because it was not part of our itinerary.  Sounds weird right? but that's life, we need to follow what in our IT.  No, that time we were planning to take some other extreme ride like the sun dance (photo above) but due to some weather disturbances, we didn't do it.

It was 9PM when we left Star City, at the main entrance, there are jeep, fx and taxi that you can take where ever you want to go.  But that time, we took jeep going to SM Mall of Asia for only 15 pesos and 20 minutes ride.  While going to MOA, the rain and strong wind just came from nowhere.  When we get off the jeep in MOA, we had a very short bio-break then took photos again with the earth as background (photo below.)

At the front of SM Mall of Asia, you can see this big and round ball (day time) but during night time look at this gorgeous ball, it's a giant Globe.  While we were starring in this huge ball, the bus going to SM Fairview just passed in front of us, so since all of us will be taking EDSA Northbound, we took that bus.  Then I get off the bus in EDSA-Ortigas bus stop. 

So, due to some security reasons, I will not be going to give you information about my location.  hahaha.  In that whole trip, I was so happy because I only spent less than 1,000 pesos, maybe 999.  Again thank you for reading my diary in this trip, you can also visit this link: Fort Santiago and SM Mall of Asia.

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