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Quezon City Hall

Last December 25, 2012, since my family is not here in Manila, I celebrated my Christmas day here in Quezon City.  Not exactly inside this building (photo in the left) but in three locations.  The first one is the office, I had a shift during Christmas day, and that's probably okay, because it's holiday, so that's double pay right?  Second, together with Delg and Kim, we went to Quezon City Circle to buy our jogging attire, the dri-fit shirts, third was SM North EDSA for our dinner.

Early in the morning of December 25, while going to the office, I saw an accident just few meters from the office.  It was Hyundai Tucson, I think that's newly bought, because there was no Plate Number yet.  The accident was really unfortunate to the owner, and when I saw the driver? really unfortunate, he's cute I promise, but since I was in the car, I just whispered " GoodLuck."

So, my shift that day was from 7AM to 4PM and after that shift, we were three, went to Quezon City Circle just to buy our jogging costumes and the people that time were thousands, so after buying the shirts, we proceeded to the exit part of the circle.  After circle we went to SM North EDSA and I can't forget what happened while we were waiting for the jeep.

Delg is the one who was looking for the signboard of destination in the jeep's windshield.  Delg saw this jeep with a big SM signboard, without hesitations, we both took that jeep, but after few minutes Delg paid the fare for us three.  She had a debate with the driver due to some fare issues.  In short, that jeep wasn't bound for SM North, but SM Fairview, hahaha, all the passengers were staring on both of us, but I don't care about it!

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