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Trail Garbage

If you love the nature, and if you love extreme sports, Mountaineering is one of the best interests that everyone should try and will fit you.  In mountaineering,  you need to consider everything, from the travel itineraries and expenses.

Being a mountaineer, we should be aware of the status of our ecosystem.  Remember, the mountain and the mountaineer should have a great relationship.  Mountains can give the mountaineer an amazing experience thus, mountaineer should also give the mountains with care.

Look at the picture on the left, He's Mike, certified nature lover.  I've been with him from Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Batulao, and during those climb, I've noticed that he's always bringing garbage bag or plastic.  While he's walking on the trail, he make sure that there will be no plastics on the trial before he left. 

That's the real mountaineer, the one who knows how to take care the mountain, the one who knows how to love the nature, not just for the sake of the numbers of peaks being reached. 

Today, some mountains are close, because DENR is letting the vegetation to grow first before opening it to mountaineers.  I am also hearing that the famous mountain in the Northern Philippines will be closed, because many event coordinators are bringing a lot of tourist there.  Just for the sake of money, they don't care about the garbage being brought and being thrown by those tourists. 

I truly understand how tourism is important to our country, but then, we need to know how to balance and how to take good care of our ecosystem.  I think we are all aware about what's happening every time that the heavy rains falls.  The Metro are being flooded, and that's one of the results if we forget to take care our mountains.

This photo on the left was captured during our Freedom  Climb 2012 in Mt. Manabu, Batangas.  While we were descending the mountain, look what we've got!  Plastics, bottles and empty cans being thrown beside the trail.  I really can't think any reason why there are "so called mountaineer" but doesn't know how to bring their garbage back to where it should be.

Why are they doing it?  If they can't bring this garbage back, they should should swallow it! The plastics will be there for few decades.  Our future generation mountaineers will be seeing this garbage I am pretty sure about it.  To my fellow people who loves the peacefulness on the peaks of each mountain, we should STOP LEAVING GARBAGE ON THE TRAIL.  This is not for the mountains, this is for our sake!  RIMEMBER: LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS - NOT GARBAGE!

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