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Christmas Gifts I received

Last December 25, 2012 - three people gave me gifts, and I was so happy on what they gave me.  I think these gifts came form their hearts.  I am posting it here because I want to thank them for this simple but cute gifts.  Wewen gave me a planner which has an envelope design on the side.  The planner is absolutely useful for my travel itineraries, I can prepare myself more before going to any destinations - wherever it is. It's just a pocket size so it's really covenient for me right?

Shine gave me ballpen, which is also useful, how can I use Wewen's planner if I don't have the pen right?  So I think Shine knew what I really need to have.  But, look at the photo on the left, the pen has a brilliant  pink color which means? I don't know, maybe it reflects my personality? 

The third  one is a key chain from Bicol, collecting key chains is actually one of my interests and now, I already have 10 from different people from different please, I like them so much, but I don't like buying it, I want that someone will give me this.

So, to all my readers, I am still waiting for your gifts, I don't care if today is not a Christmas day, but I am still willing to accept what ever it is.  Thanks in Advance!

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