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Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant | Angono

Balaw Balaw Restaurant
Balaw-Balaw Restaurant is located in Angono, Rizal, Philippines.  This is the only place that fits my personality.  I love to try exotic foods, frog, kamaru and others.  Today, I was able to taste the Balaw-Balaw has to offer.

Today is my first time to be here, but, the whole experience including the Higantes Festival 2012 was really amazing.  Other people who already tasted exotic foods always say that frog tastes like a chicken meat.  Well, that's also what I think, I always believe to what others are saying, that's if we are talking about foods ONLY.  And that's the main reason why I really want to prove if it's correct. 

When I was young, I have cousins from Bulacan, Philipines visited us in Romblon.  Since our house is just few steps away from the rice fields, so the frogs are living in that wet area.  When my cousins saw those frogs jumping to our garden, at the backyard, they said: " why not grilling that frogs, it tastes good like chicken. "  The first time I heard that, I was shocked, but now in the photos below, I've enjoyed a lot eating frogs.

Exotic Restaurant Manila
Look at this Higante or Giants, the one with yellow green scarf, I think he is hiding himself on us.  I don't know the reason why he did that.  Hello, how can he hide himself to that red van, he stands more than 10 feet. 

Balaw Balaw Restaurant
Balaw Balaw Restaurant
When we entered this restaurant, we were shocked, because we thought it is just an ordinary resto.  But, inside the Balaw-Balaw, it's like a fine dining resto with gallery.

Balaw Balaw Restaurant
if you want to play piano and have concert, you can do it here in Balaw-Balaw
Balaw Balaw Restaurant
the Gallery inside the resto
exotic food
Pinakbet, I love this dish, I promiss . .  you'll gonna love it too
exotic food restaurants
Crispy Fried Frog - I love this exotic food
fried rice
ginger rice -  more calories . . I don't care about it . .
Today is not my first time to visit this place, but this is my first time to experience eating in this unique restaurant.  I always read articles online about exotic dishes, then I found this, so it's great to be here and I will visit this place again, for some other exotic dishes.

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