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Orchids Resort | Boracay Island

Orchids Resor Boracay
This was part of my Solo-Backpacking in Boracay
At first, when I booked my flight last year, during the promo sale, I was hesitant for this trip maybe because I am not so sure about my schedule either my budget.  But, just a week before my trip, I used my facebook account and asked my friends about any cheap resort in Boracay Island. Actually my original plan was to walk along the streets of Kalibo, Aklan, but when my friend gave me her friend's number who works in a resort at Boracay, I changed my original plan, it became backpacking to Boracay.

Orchids Resort is located at Station 3, Boracay Island. From Boracay Port, take a tricycle to station three, drivers are actually accommodating and they will instruct you to what street you'll take, for 100 pesos per trip.  There are part of Station 3 which tricycles are not allowed, so you need to walk going to your chosen resort.  But, in Orchids Resort, you just need to follow these marks, an additional challenge which can make you a strong traveller.  Check the photos below:

Resorts in Boracay
Hotels in Boracay
Just to give you an idea, this room is only for less than 600 pesos, good for two people. It's an ordinary room, but the resort personnel were really great.  The cold wind actually passes through the window, so the ambiance inside the room was great.  I stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights, I only paid 1,100 pesos.

Cottages in Boracay
look! this room is really elegant
Restaurants in Boracay
The photo above taken while I was eating my Filipino Style breakfast, for FREE.  Want to see my breakfast, click here: Breakfast at Orchids Resort.  While taking my breakfast, the wind was blowing that shells which that creates a relaxing sound.

Boracay Island
Few steps from the resort, I captured this gorgeous photo using my mobile phone.  The white sand beach, crystal clear waters, the horizon, white clouds, blue skies and the palm trees were absolutely inviting.  MY STAY IN ORCHIDS RESORT WAS AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE, cheap but a GREAT CHOISE. From this resort going to Boracay Port, just walk taking the right street, walk until you reach "QUEEN" Resto, then take the narrow street beside it until you reach the main road which you can take tricycle to Boracay Port for only 20 pesos. More reference here: How to Get to Boracay and How to Get to NAIA.  If you have concerns, please LIKE and PM me here: www.facebook.com/travellingcup

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