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Dakip | A Lenten tradition of Bulakan

lenten tradition
March 28, 2013 at Bulakan, Bulacan - " Dakip " is a Filipino word which means to arrest or to abduct.  This is a special event happening every holy week or during lenten seasons, only in the municipality of Bulakan, Bulacan.  From the word itself, you can easily identify what does this event signifies.  It is a play that portrays on how Jesus Crist was captured.

According to the residents, it's been a part of their rich culture.  It is just one of their tradition which gives a huge impact to their religious beliefs.  Not all the barangays of Bulakan needs to do it, but the local parish is the one who gives location where this event could be held.

According to my research, a group from the local parish will create a list that contains the names of the men who are member of their group.  And then they will pick a name of who will be abducted on the selected date (mostly moundy Thursday) at around 6PM.  The other group members will find the chosen one and will be brought to the church, where the event will start.  It will be followed by repentance while some of the people were hitting the chosen one by a palm leaves.  The chosen one will bring the huge cross put on his shoulder and will walk few meters going to a parish church where the play will end.  
Bulakan Church
For this year, I was able to witness how this event was held.  Church of Sta. Ana was the start of the play where earlier than 6PM, the people were waiting for the announcement if who's gonna be the chosen one.  While the pasyon singers were doing their job, the number of the crowd multiplied.  When the chosen one was ready for his journey, the crowd occupied even the middle of the road holding the rope encircling the members of the play.

Bulakan Bulacan
Another procession from the other baranggay
The chosen one was bringing a brown cross made up of wood, with dimension 2 inches by five inches but the total length, I am sure about it, but maybe five meters.  While the cross was on his shoulder, and was walking on the road, barefooted, the other member were hitting him a young palm leaves to his different part of the body.  There were several times that the chosen one fell to the cemented road, then the cross fell to his body.  please see the photo above.  It happened several time, but the chosen one continued. 

I and my friend Wewen were together with the marshals few meters in front of the procession.  The marshals were kind to us and it seemed that we were the organizers.  But anyway, we were capturing videos and photos the whole time up to Our Lady of the Assumption.

This kind of event is a proof that the Filipinos, despite of their problems, are solid Christians, regardless religious affiliations.  Torturing our body is NOT a good idea, even the CBCP is not in favor for this event.  Let us be thankful that God gave us our perfect body and we need to cherish it.  Remember that our body is the house of our spirit.  If you are asking me if what is the other option?  Help the less fortunate - and it will be a huge investment.

Special thanks to Crisologo Cruz & Family! they were so accommodating during our 7-hour stay in Bulakan, Bulacan.  Everything was appreciated! See you soon!

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