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Mt. Samat | Dambana nang Kagitingan | Bataan

 Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) is located on the summit of Mt. Samat.  This Historical landmark is a 302-ft Memorial Cross that symbolizes  as a fitting memorial to the heroic struggle and sacrifices of those soldiers who fought and died in that historic bastion of freedom - wikipedia.org.

Honestly, the trip to this historical site wasn't planned properly.  Out plan that time was to have a good time at the beach.  Doing some swimming and island hopping wearing our swim suit.   The weather that day wasn't inviting! I promise.  The sky was dark, raining hard during our travel from Manila, the lighting shines brightly like a sun, the thunder was roaring like a lion in the forest.  And so? we don't care about the weather, we felt more excited for those challenges.

This was my second adventure with some Batang Hamog Mountaineers, and I know from the start that I will enjoy everything despite of the bad weather.  We conquered this site after our Bagac, Bataan Adventure.  The people of Bataan are really great, they let us sleep in their own houses even we don't know them.  So thanks a lot!

Dambana nang Kagitingan
The stairs up to the entrance of the Museum.

Visit Bataan
This is the main entrance going to top of the cross.  No need to worry if you don't want to walk hundred steps, there is elevator that can bring you to the top.

History of Bataan
gorgeous art work!

Freedom Kalayaan
top view of the Museum
Cross in Bataan
the bottom shot of the cross
Death March Bataan
the Entrance
Death March

Shrine of Valor
Enjoy the video, taken at the Shrine of Valor
Visiting this historical landmark was an amazing experience, with the Batang Hamog Mountaineers.  Although we walked on the 8 kilometer road going to the Shrine of Valor, but then it was a remarkable experience.  We experienced heavy rains and destructive  sun rays.  But in total: that was amazing experience!

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