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How to Get to Boracay Island

This is part of my Solo-Backpacking in Boracay

From metro manila going to the airport, here’s what I always do, you can visit this link: How to get to the Airport.  So, beside Kalibo International Airport, there are different modes of transportation that you can choose going to the Jetty Port – which is the entry point going to Boracay island.  I can suggest, you can ask the guards on duty at the airport if where you can take their public utility vehicles to the port. Buses and vans bound for Jetty Port can be found near the main entrance of the airport.

But, during my trip to Boracay, after deplaning, all the passengers proceeded to the exit point. Since I don’t have any check-in baggage, I walked directly to EXIT area, and then a lot of drivers with uniforms were there waiting for their passengers. While standing and texting near the exit, one driver approached me if where’s my destination, so I briefly answered “to the Jetty Port.” Then he asked if how many are we going to the port, then I answered back “I am only one.” He explained to me that he’s waiting for his passengers and I can be one of his passengers in his trip to Jetty Port.  Since it was already 6PM, I grabbed that trip.  Our trip was more than an hour from the airport to the Jetty Port and I paid 200 pesos.

I got off the van just few meters from Jetty Port’s main entrance and at the left side of the entrance, you can find a glass window where you can buy pump boat tickets for only 30 pesos (price as of June 2013.) If you prefer fast craft or large water vehicles, you can do that, but each trip is based on their regular schedule. Then, at the main entrance, you’ll be undergoing to security check and an x-ray scanner for your baggage.  Jetty Port is actually different from other ports that I’ve been at, because its structure is like a labyrinth.  But, no need to worry, you can ask port personnel inside and you can easily notice the instructions on the walls.  

At the seaside area, where it serves as the parking space of the pump boats, there are boat personnel who are shouting and ready to help you in stepping and walking on the wooden ramp to the boat.  Travel period from Jetty to Boracay Port is within 10-15 minutes.  I noticed the life jackets so I think our trip was secured, although the personnel didn’t let us wear the jackets before sailing.

Then, few meters from Boracay Port, just a short walk, you can find the tricycle terminal that you can rent going to your destination (Station 1, 2 & 3) just tell the driver and they will bring you there with smile; resort shuttles can also be found there.  Anyways, I paid 100 pesos going to station 3; price is higher because I rented the tricycle so I handled that trip, no other passengers.

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