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Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Freedom Climb is one of the most awaited events in a year in the world of Philippine Mountaineering.  It was formed few years ago by selected groups, and then participated by the other in the same field.  Almost all of the mountaineering groups that I joined online were promoting and creating their own events just for this date.  This date is one of the most important dates in the history of the Philippines as it signifies the independence of our country in 1898 at the house of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in Cavite.  As part of it, Batang Hamog Mountaneers created our own event on the same purpose, earlier than June 12 - which is the Independence Day.

A month ago, we already talked about this Climb for the Independence 2013, but it wasn’t finalized because of our busy schedule.  So what happened was, a week ago, before July 8-9, 2013 (our plotted date) we again talked about this climb, but the same thing, nothing happened because we were all busy preparing to our “Sapin sa Paa, Balik Eskwela” outreach program (happened on June 2-3, 2013.)

After my Solo-Backpacking in Boracay Island last July 5-7, 2013, we finally talked about our plans for our Freedom Climb. So the meal plan, tent distribution, itineraries and many more were done just thru txt distribution to all the members who confirmed to join the event.

Meet up point was at Jam Liner (Kamuning) – Bus bound for Batangas Grand Terminal, and then we rented a jeep going to PhilPan Resort in Ligaya, Mabini, Batangas. But before going to our destination, the driver brought us to where we can take our dinner; few meters from the terminal is JorJhane’s House of Special Bulalo. Dinner time: 9:30PM. After the sumptuous dinner and rest, we proceeded to our destination -> PhilPan Resort at 10:50PM, and it was raining when we get off the jeep. We paid the driver (85 pesos per head) then prepared our rain gears, offered prayers and lights on for the night trek. 

Good thing that the rain stopped when we started our trek.  As we walk on the concrete road, the cold wind blew our skin which made us chill. The trail was good, no muddy part because of the sandy soil, no skin damage due to UV Rays, no large amount of water to replenish the lost fluid – those are the advantages of night trek.  The whole journey was within an hour and 30 minutes; so by 1:30AM we were able to reach the wide camp site and pitched our tents accordingly.  When everything was properly set up, time for a freedom party up until 6:00AM.

If I am not mistaken, I woke up at 8:00AM then I saw them eating their breakfast. Photo above was taken after I ate bread and drunk a cup of coffee. Since this blog is my diary, I can’t forget the scenario happened before I sleep last night. “After the party, since we want hot soup, Alfie put water that measured ¾ of the cook set then placed 1 pack of noodle. So, what do you expect for its taste? When he’s done cooking, he removed it from the fire and placed it on our designated dining area.  Mon and I were both waiting for the noodles, so when he placed it in front of us, we were both looking for the spoon that we used during the party, to taste it, but we found nothing. So Mon went to his tent, and then got his spoon then we started tasting the lake-like noodle.  The taste was NO COMMENT; color and smell were like a noodle with beef flavor.  I lessen the water and put it in other cook set when I noticed that something’s in the noodle soup - it was the spoon that we were looking for! Nakakalowka, pagkatapos nang napakatagal na pag-hahanap sa kutsarang nawawala, naisahog pala sa noodle. So hindi lang s'ya beef flavor, "noodle with beef flavor, garnished with spoon" na s'ya.

After our short time breakfast, we proceeded to the summit for flag raising ceremony as part of “Climb for the Independence 2013” for our freedom.  Freedom to discover the real beauty of the mountains, freedom to experience an amazing journey and to conquer our own fear and transform it to an unforgettable story that will be shared to our next generation.

The participants of "Climb for the Independence 2013"
From right: Marge, Shayne, Ginger, Beth, Me, Mon, Wewen, Whab, Jeremy, Onah, Alfie, Bing, and Ryan

After the tiring trek (not so much) time to relax our tired muscles. Next was beacheneering, we stayed at PhilPan Resort, took a long rest, cooked and took our lunch, did a lot of underwater photos.  Everything was a SUCCESS and now, TIME FOR THE BHM’s Anniversary Climb in July.

The driver who brought us last night was the one who picked us up in PhilPan Resort going back to Batangas Grand Terminal. Then, bus going to Cubao. If you want a contact number of the driver, just send me an email, or LIKE and then PM me in www.facebook.com/travellingcup

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