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How to Get to NAIA

This is part of my Solo-Backpacking Adventures

In travelling, if airplane is the flag carrier, one of the most important place before entering or leaving a certain place is through airports, correct? That’s why it’s should be one of the most organized structure in the country. Thousands of people pass to different ports of the Philippines and Ninoy Aquino International Airport is one of the famous gates in the country.  

But, how can we get to this airport? No need to worry about that, in this post, I will share to you on how I got to this airport (NAIA Terminal 3 & 4.) It will be applicable only to those people without check-in baggage or luggage. Read my story here why:

I am living in Cainta, Rizal; since my destination is NAIA which is located in Pasay City, if I will take taxi, it will cost me more than 500 pesos, and in Backpacking, that amount is too high (well, that’s for me because I don’t have job now.)  Here’s what I did when I had my Solo-Backpacking in Cebu and Boracay Island.

check-in counters at NAIA Terminal 3
taken at Check-In area of NAIA Terminal 4
going to Boarding Gates of NAIA Terminal 3
taken at the Boarding gate waiting area of NAIA Terminal 4.
If you’re near with the stations of MRT (Metro Rail Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit) bound to EDSA-Taft station, this will be the fastest vehicle that you can take going to the airport. From where you are, take MRT or LRT to EDSA-Taft station (fare will depend on your area; I spent 12 pesos from Ortigas station to Taft.) As what I’ve mentioned above regarding your luggage, if you can handle it inside the train in rush hour, it’s your choice.  

If you’re already in EDSA-Taft station, you can take taxi going to NAIA terminals (I tried it going to Terminal 4, I only spent 110 pesos) OR below the train station, you can take jeepneys bound to SM Mall of Asia for only 8 pesos, then take taxi from the mall going to the airport for only 80 pesos. There’s no public transportation that passes the entrance of the airport terminals, so taxes will be your guide, but at least taking train is a great help, plus the fact that there is no heavy traffic – so no pressure.

Then, if you’re already in the terminals (indicated on your tickets) just present your printed ticket or itinerary to the guard, then proceed to x-ray scanner for you bags. Avoid bringing the unnecessary objects, pressurized body spray, alcohol, BOMB Jokes and others things (please refer to your itinerary for more information.)

A sample of boarding Pass
Next, proceed to check-in area; your check-in time should be 2 hours before your time of departure. Present your printed e-ticket to the check-in counter personnel with your proof of identification. After validating your information, personnel will give you your Boarding Pass with your ID. When you’re done with it, another security check will be done before entering the main terminal or the waiting area where the boarding gates are located.  Then, check your time of departure indicated in your flight ticket and wait for your turn. Be alert! Flight companies might change your flight departure, depending on airport congestion or weather situations.

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