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Historical and heritage sites, beautiful scenic spots, and mountaineering activities – those are just some of my posts in this blog.  But now, I am proud to bring you a new post about helping other people. Since the members of our group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers are all travel and outdoor activity enthusiasts, so we are open to different people’s economic status and their livelihood in their area.  Just this year, we created an additional group that will focus on helping the less fortunate children.

“Sapin sa Paa, Balik Eskwela” program was created because of our aim which is to help the less fortunate children.  This program was formed because of the children that we encountered while we were travelling.  We didn’t know why we feel sad every time that we saw children working in the mountain for money and not in school to learn, so, Lamyerda Outreach of Lamyerda Group was formed to give support for those children.

Our slogan for Lamyerda Outreach is “We Travel, We Hike, We Enjoy and We Help

June 1-2, 2013 was the first event happened in North Uyao, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  We brought our Lamyerda Outreach banner as proof that we planned and we prepared for this event.  Early 4AM, we met at the office and take note, we were only three bringing 40 pairs of slippers, 40 sets of school supplies (with 2 pcs notebooks, eraser, pencil, crayons and sharpener.)  

We took an ordinary Ro-Ro ship to save money and to experience the reality.  We took our breakfast and lunch at the same time at around 7:30AM.  We bought our food from one of the food vendors in the ship who were shouting and offering their products.

Photo above: That’s Wewen of Lamyerda Group, we entered the air-conditioned room with couches to take a rest, since Janneth came from her graveyard shift.  But look, Wewen was also taking a rest?  Look at the supplies that we brought; we didn’t feel tired because our aim was pure.  After taking off the Ro-Ro, we took a van bound for Roxas.  We occupied the last seat at the back of the van, so all the pressure was unforgettable. Van travel was 3 hours.

After van, Te Herm and Ariel were waiting for us beside their borrowed tricycle.  We travelled additional 20 minutes going to Brgy. North Uyao.  After introducing my two friends to Te Herm’s family, we attached our banner in the nipa hut.


We took a rest; ate mangoes, banana, singkamas or yam bean and drunk an ice cold water.  When everything was fine, and we already gained our strength; we walked on the uncemented road going to the store and bought our food for dinner.  We also rearranged the school supplies according to the number and age of the beneficiaries on our list.  

Mangyan tribe was part of our mission why we conducted our program in this area.  And the photo above shows a typical Mangyan house of Mindoro.  This house is owned by Victor, a martial arts master, a pure mangyan who has a pure heart of helping his fellow mangyan.  He already conducted many martial arts lesson to his mangyan friends for their self defense.  Aside from his cute aura, I also felt in love with his beliefs and how he honestly showed himself to us.  I can’t show his face because I want to protect him from others.

The photos below were captured during the event itself.

The photo above shows how we were fortunate in terms of good weather.  The event was a success because of the smiles, happiness and the “thanks you’s” that we received from the children and their families.  This is the first event, and it will be just the start of our story in helping and reaching the less fortunate children in the country.  YOU TOO, you can be part of our program, there is no such thing as small donations, as long as it came from your heart, IT WILL BE A HUGE HELP FOR THE OTHERS.  For your donations, you can e-mail me here: mytravellingcup@gmail.com or visit www.lamyerdaoutreach.blogspot.com.

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