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Dampalitan Island | White Sand Near Manila

Dampalitan Island
 This article is a part of my event " Lamyerda sa Borawan. "  

Its name came from Dampalit or shoreline purslane in English (Sesuvium portulacastrum) which is a type of a perennial herb that grows in the coastal areas throughout the world, which is also visible in this Island.  According to the caretaker, they can actually create a sumptuous salad out of this herb.   This kind of dish was already published online and even on some TV shows. 

This island is rich in coconut trees, pine trees, mangroves and some shrubs which bears colorful flowers.  encircling the whole island is the shore with white sand beach covered with shells on the sea shore.  This island serves as the residence of Ate Mercy and her family.  They also created fish cages in the other side of the island that serves as their livelihood aside from boating packages.  The residents go fishing; catching crabs and shrimps; they also raise hogs at their backyard for future purposes.

Their children living in the islands were also studying, but they need to take a boat just to get on the main land then to the school.  While we were in the bus going back to Manila, we passed beside the gate of the school, and if I'll be going to measure how far it is, I really don't know.
Dampalitan Island
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Dampalitan Island
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The underwater creatures were really great in my eyes and camera, good thing I was able to buy this water proof camera.  The water level was really low, but then you still can view the colorful environment under the water.  If you are planning to visit the province of Quezon, and you are searching for an amazing island adventure, just contact me on how to get here.  Don't forget to bring your swimsuit, swimming cap and goggles so that you can enjoy the real beauty of nature.

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