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Walking along the Streets of Cebu

February 21-22, 2013 was my first Solo-Backpacking in Visayas.  It was a great experience because everything was my first time.  From the plane ride to Cebu City as my destination.  I did this Solo-Backpacking in this amazing city because I want to learn small things that I should know as backpacker.  Among other provinces, Cebu City is one of the places that is very friendly for Solo-Backpacker.  Since it was my first time, last year, when I got my 1-peso air fare in an Airline company, I already bought a map of this city.  I know I was too much excited for it, but I want to be 120% prepared - that's how I always do Solo-Backpacking.

My map was really helpful in every move that I did especially when the plane arrived in Mactan-Cebu International Airport.  After getting off the plane and I was waiting for the airport taxi, I was speaking to an airport maintenance.  He gave me an introduction about the history of the airport taxi and how many taxes are their in Cebu.  This kind guy gave me tips on how does the jeepney's of Cebu are categorized based on their routes.

My first stop in the City of Cebu was  to take my breakfast in the commercial fast food along Colon Street.  Inside the fast food, all were speaking in their own language, although I can understand them, but NO Tagalog at all.  When I ordered my food, I noticed that the cashier's voice was really calm speaking in tagalog.  The accent was really cute and she sounded very courteous and polite.

While eating my breakfast, I was still starring on the map.  I asked one of the crew about a certain location, and he helped me a lot!  Before leaving the fast food, the guard said: "Thank you ma'am/sir"  Question: How did the guard get the idea that I was a combination of a Ma'am and Sir

Colon Monument
Along the narrow streets near Colonade, a lot of vendors were there offering their products to every person passing by.  Although the vendors were occupying the sidewalk but still they were organized and not blocking the way, unlike the other Cities.  This narrow streets serve as the office of those small time vendors.  It also serves as the home of the street people and they don't care if all the people passing by were starring to them while they were sleeping on the cemented road.

While walking on the side walk, I heard different voices of different tones.  Some were shouting, talking and some were laughing.  When the time that I felt that I was lost, I asked the residents, guards and the street patrols several times and they were really helpful.  They will not let me lost again in the narrow streets. 

Colon Street is one of the main attraction of this city.  It is the oldest and shortest national road in the Philippines and it was named after Christopher Columbus.  Walking along side walk of this historical street was an amazing experience.  I was able to see how the people of Cebu cherish its impact to their history.  Beside this street, I noticed that a lot of shops, fast foods and other commercial establishments were built according to the city plan.  Everything was planned properly!

Every streets were interconnected, so when I was looking for the historical sites, I didn't worry because the roads connect the sites.  If you're lost, the people are there and willing to help you.  After the historical sites, I was trying to go back to Colon street, I want to find the proper way with my own, using my map.  But unfortunately, I was lost again and I recover myself in Carbon Market.  The whole market area is like Devisoria in Manila.  A lot of busy people selling their own goods, the jeepneys were passing by, the smell is like really a market, that's why it's called Carbon Market, very self explanatory.

busy streets in Carbon Market
While walking on sidewalk of the market, there were some vendors offering me anything that they have.  All the types of products can be found in this market.  First part was the wet market which offers fresh fish, meat, pork, sea shells and other wet products.  Second part was the RTW (Ready to Wear) section; there are brand new and some are ukay-ukay or second handed goods.  The third part was stalls that caters food and flowers. 

If you are beginning to create your own journey alone, put Cebu City into your destination.  This City contains a lot of wealth in terms of historical and heritage sites.  It's history played a great part in the entire Philippine's History.  This huge island is also rich in great culture that came from their ancestors.  All the historical artifacts are stored in different museums and houses. Cheap hostels, transient and pension houses can be found in Metro Cebu downtown, perfect for Backpackers.

Since Cebu and Mactan Island are surrounded by waters, expect for a great beaches in every corner of this province.  Resorts, restaurants and other type of recreations are available and you can enjoy its gorgeous horizon. 

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