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My Unique CR Experience

 Based on my photos in my blog, you can easily think on what personality I have, I am right?  In travelling, gender doesn't matter, at all!  As long as you are willing to accept a broader horizon and you are willing to learn new things, then you can be a traveler.

In my trips, even yours, before leaving a drop-off/jump-off/port/airports, we make sure that we are comfortable during the whole trip, so what do we usually do?  We always go to comfort room to do all our personal necessities.  Comfort room is one of the best place to find peace and calm - well that will depend on the CR your in.

Anyways, let's go back to my story; I was going back to Odiongan, Romblon (my hometown) to attend an important reunion.  I always take a bus from Ortigas going to Batangas Port then a ship going to Odiongan Port.  In Batangas Port, there are certain parts in which the buses can drop off all the passengers (in short open terminal) going to Port Terminals.

After getting off the bus, and  fixed my tickets, then passed the security detectors, I put my huge backpack on the floor because it is always heavy and I left it there facing the CCTV, then went to the CR to fix may hair and my oily face.  So after everything was done, I entered the cubicle to pee then I closed the door.  I was shocked when someone knocked on the door.  So I opened it and their was a guy from maintenance, staring at me badly.  Staring from my feet up to my face and going back to my feet again. 

So I was really shocked and curious about the guy's behavior, but I was silent that time, because I didn't knew what I need to do.  After few moments, I said: "may prblema ba? is there a problem?"  and he said " ahhmm, wala po sir, no problem sir!" 

The maintenance guy thought that I was a girl, and that wash room I've entered wasn't appropriate for me, if that's the case.  So, I again closed the door then smiled - I don't know if I'll be flattered about it.  In every travel, there are always unique!

I know that many of our friends there encountered the same story right?  But that's okay, it adds spices to every trip that I have.  It's not a big deal.

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