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Cebu Historical Places

My 3rd Solo-Backpacking within 24 - Hours

February is the busiest start for my 2013, the whole month, I only spent two of my rest days in my apartment and a lot of it were spent in different places, that's how busy I am this month.  Take note, I am an ordinary human being, so my wallet, pen and spreadsheet were also busy for my budget.

Going to the Historical sites across the country is absolutely part of my blog.  I truly love those places that were properly preserved for the future generations.  I dedicate this post to every agencies that play a great role in preserving those historical artifacts.  I want to help them in promoting the historical wealth to the newest generations.  Many travelers want to promote the gorgeous and untouched places, but here in my blog, everything is important.

I came to an idea of visiting the historical places of Cebu because I was inspired by the Magellan's Cross being published in a travel magazine in the book store.  So, aside from Magellan's Cross, I tried to search some other sites in the Province that gave a huge impact in the history of Cebu and even the country.

I book this flight on November 2012 and I based it on my rest days, but unfortunately, our schedule was changed and everything was also changed based on my plans.  This is the great thing in Solo-Backpacking, I can adjust everything easily, so Feb. 14, 2013, just a week before this trip, I filed an unpaid leave just for this trip.  Good thing that we had more hours available this time, so my leave was easily approved.  That's one of the challenges in working in a call center  while traveling.

February 21, 2013 - I woke up at around 1:15AM for my general preparation for my travel to Cebu.  There were some feeling which I can't explain that time, maybe because of the excitement.  As usual after my preparation, I took my simple breakfast (coffee and bread) then cleaned and dressed myself well. 

3:21AM, this time, I was using my small backpack - I left my apartment then took tricycle, jeep then fx going to the office.  I did this because it's more cheaper compared to a direct travel with a taxi.  I went to the comfort room in the office first to feel comfortable.  Then at the taxi bay beside the office in Pasig, I saw Mallete with two of her friends.  We had a short chikahan then I proceeded to a taxi.

There were some unique feeling that time, I maybe excited or maybe worried about what will happen in my travel.  Remember, these will be my first time to be in NAIA 3 and I was alone. 

3:44AM - I arrived in NAIA 3 and paid 200 pesos to the driver.  First, at the main Entrance, I followed the line going to the X-Ray scanner.  Then, I went to CebuPacific check-in counter, and since I was too early, it's time to roam and discover what's Terminal 3 can offer.  After the tiring walk inside the terminal, at last, time to check-in, the agent from CebuPac instructed to proceed to counter 16.  Few people were there, so I followed the line of course.  Finally, when I was done getting my boarding pass, I proceeded to another X-ray scanner before proceeding to the boarding gate.  X-ray cleared, so time to find Boarding Gate Number 133, as what's indicated in my boarding ticket

A lot of people were also waiting that time in Gate 133, so I stood up along the aisle and wait . . . I also went to the wash room first.  Then, proceeded to the vacant bench then observed what's the other people were doing - I need to base my steps to them, remember, it's my first time to be there. hahaha. 

5:32AM - instead of using Gate No. 133 the announcer said that we're gonna be using Gate No. 134 for boarding.  Another line were formed that time, and we were so many.  Before passing the boarding gate the guy removed the slip attached to the ticket, I don't know what's the right term of it.  Then, after passing to the boarding gate, the passenger proceeded to the bus provided by CebuPac, so I did the same, remember, it's my first time, hahaha.  When the bus reached the location of the plane and the shuttle opened its door, the people were going out, so I did the same, remember, it's my first time, I was the last one left the bus.

I took some pictures of the plane, but it was so dark and I couldn't get any good shot, but it's okay.  My seat number was 16A, I selected it, because I want to see the left wing of the plane and how it will  affect the entire travel.  After sitting on the seat, I read the instructions on how use the seat belt, remember, it's my first time.  Then I there was an old sosyalera girl and she talked to me in Cebuano, so I answered her back in Tagalog, I can understand different languages from visayas and mindanao, but I can't speak using it. 

6:14 AM - the plane started to move going to somewhere, then at 6:17 the plane lift off the run way.  I was sitting by the window and was starring to the sea of clouds.  The weather wasn't good that time, because of the typhoon in Mindanao area.  It was a different feeling that I can't explain being in the plane, well I think that's how the first timers feel during their first flight.  I read all the magazines attached at the back of each seats.  I also spent few minutes in reading the emergency instructions.  While thousands feet above sea level, I took a short nap, as preparation for my next journey after taking off.

7:21AM - arrived in Mactan-Cebu International Airport.  I was starring to the other passengers on what they were doing, remember: it's my first time.  I was the last one who came out the plane.  Many passengers proceeded to the arrival area and got their baggage.  After taking few pictures in the arrival area, I went out and went to the taxi bay outside the terminal.  First thing I've noticed, all the people were speaking in their own language and I found it interesting.  I was still observing the others on their next step.  While reading my map, I decided to take an airport taxi going to Cebu City.  I was waiting on the line, when the maintenance boy did chickahan to me while waiting for the airport taxi.  He informed me about the history of the airport and the airport taxes.  That was a great conversation.

7:59AM - finally took the airport taxi while the line was still filled with a lot of passengers. The first word that the driver said when I get in the taxi was: "Good Morning Sir, san po tayo" with his Cebuano accent and it's really cute hearing his calm voice.   The driver asked me for the second time, "san po tayo sa Colon sir?" I answered back: " Jollibbe near Colonade."  Instead of saying Jollibee, he pronouced it as JULIBI.  My grandfather went back into my mind because he also pronounced the same way.  I missed my grandpa so much.  While I was confused looking at the map and street marks, the driver was giving me information about the highway that we were passing by.

8:35AM - reached colon street.  I walked few meters then crossed Colon Street to reach the fast food.  I ordered 1 pc. chicken with plain rice and float for my breakfast.  After eating, I reviewed my map and then asked the crew about the nearest historical site.

Cebu Cathedral
 9:03AM - started walking on the streets.  Since I don't have idea about the streets, I kept on asking the residents around the area about the right street to take.  Each streets was really busy, a lot of vendors offering their products.

9:15 - reached the Cebu Cathedral.  The structure is purely white with great design.  The maintenance were really kind.

9:21AM - after the Cathedral, I proceeded to Rajah Humabon Monument just few meters from the cathedral.

9:31AM - reached the Cebu Cathedral Museum beside the Monument and the Cathedral.  There was an old lady asking for help from me, worth 900 pesos because she wanted to go in Davao - her hometown.  Entrance Fee is 50 pesos.  The structure is composed of woods.  The stairs don't contain nails for support, according to the caretaker.  The museum contains relects, stuffs own by father.  Statues, pendants, crowns, gowns, old books.  Mercedez Benz used by Pope John Paul II

10:05AM - left the Museum,  The guard and caretaker taught me on how to go to my next destination.  I walked 200 meters following the road beside the Museum and Humabon Monument.  I've reached the Heritage of Cebu Monument, just few meters from Colon Monument.  Took some photos when two foreigner arrived, I smiled at them and they did the same. 

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
10:18AM - left the Cebu Monument and went to Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, it's few meters from the monument as well.  Entrance Fee: 50 Pesos. It's a 15th Century house which the 8th generation is the one who manages the structure today.  According to the caretaker, every weekends, the owner are resting in this old house.  Inside this heritage site, you can find antique porcelain, sofa, bed, dining table and chairs, paintings, curtains, capiz windows and many more.  At the back of the house, a 14 feet deep well can be found.  There's also banca that serves as a flower pot on the side of the house.  The care taker was so kind and of course cute.  10:30AM left the house.

10:36AM - arrived in Casa Horordo MuseumEntrance Fee: 40 Pesos.  It's actually on the next right street from Yap Ancestral House.  The house was built in the mid-19th century by Alejandro Reynes y Rosales and bought by Juan Isidro de Gorordo, a Spanish merchant in 1863.  Four generations of the Gorordo Family lived in this house, including Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu in 1910-1932.  Acquired in 1980 by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.  it was restored and later opened as a public museum, Casa Gorordo has been declared as a National Historical Landmark by virtue of National Historical Institute Board Resolution No. 4 dated September 24,1991.  It's a huge mansion with that contains old jars, ceramics, and other household equipments.

10:54AM - left the house and took my early lunch nearby.  I spent 43 pesos, plain rice and sinigang na isda with soda.  Although, that time we had a language barrier, but our conversation was still good.  After taking my lunch break, I walked few meters passing all the sites that I already visited.

Magellan's Cross
11:27AM - arrived in the Magellan's Cross.  It's in front of Cebu City Hall.  Plaza sa Sugbo is the only space between the two sites.  In and outside the chapel that holds the cross are the candle vendors that also offer prayers to the tourists. 

11:35AM - arrived in Basilica Minore del  Sto. Nino, few meters from Magellan's Cross, you can ask the people around for the direction.  The sun was really hot and the candle vendors don't stop selling their products.  A lot of church goers were also there and taking photos and lighting the candles.  The smell in the whole area was like a burnt candles.  Before leaving that area, I asked the plaza security about my next destination.

12:11PM - reached Plaza Independencia.  It is a wide space with grasses on the ground that serves as a playground for the students.

12:14PM - arrived in Fort San Pedro.  It's just on the other side of the Plaza.

12:46PM - left the Plaza Independencia. 

12:58PM - arrived in the City Hall and took a short break in the plaza.

1:20PM - arrived in Travelers Home Pension House near Carbon Market.  The whole package is 400 Pesos, it's an air conditioned room with TV within 24 hours.

Fort San Pedro
4:37PM - went to the market and took my early dinner, just in front of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish - Recoletos.  I ordered a burger for my early dinner.  While waiting for my order, I had a short conversation with the flower vendors.

Before going back to the unit, I went to the other side of the wide market.  Carbon Market is really wide and has everything on it.  Before reaching the pension house, I bought bread and water for my late dinner.  When I've reached the unit, I spent my time in watching tv until I felt sleepy.

4:00AM - early in the morning, I turned on the TV again and watched the local channel, then found out that there was flood in some areas of the Metro Cebu. I didn't expected that, I thought the weather was okay.

6:16AM - went out the unit and searched for a resto for my breakfast.  The streets were wet that time.  I went back to the same area where I took my dinner.  Plain rice and Sinigang na isda with soda early in the morning, I spent 40 pesos.  While waiting for log out at 1PM, I was watching tv while writing my blog drafts in my cute note book.

1PM - decided to log out.  Holding my map, I asked the receptionist on my next destination then proceeded to the street going to Colon Street and took my late lunch in Jollibee.  There were a lot of students taking their lunch as well.  This area is near to the Cebu University.  for my lunch, I spent 84 Pesos (plain rice and chicken with soda)

The crew helped me to find out where's my next way.  Along colon street, going back to where I took my breakfast on the first day.  I was lost, instead, I've reached the Cathedral again.  So I asked the people there if where can I take a ride going to SM Cebu.  The girl said 22-D or just read the plate in front of the jeepney.  From the cathedral to SM Cebu, 8 pesos fare.

SM Cebu
 2:43PM - arrived in SM Cebu City.  I was walking the whole time while waiting for my departure.  It was a tiring walk, so when I passed by the internet shop in the mall, I decided to enter then update my friends about what's happening in my escapade. After 2 hours and 15 minutes, when I paid my consumption, I was shocked because the girl said that I will be paying 120 for 2 hours and 15 mins.  Dinner in the fast food.

6:15PM - left the Mall, I took a taxi going to Mactan-Cebu International Airport, paid only 200 pesos. We passed to different routes.  While on the way, I witnessed how the Cebu differs from the other city of the country.  I saw the large container vans beside the highway and beside the port. 

6:38PM - arrived in the airport. I went to comfort room first.  Another story again: there was a not so old guy, entered the cr and I was in the sink and was applying pressed powder that time.  When he entered the room, he went back outside and stared for few seconds on the gender signage  by the door.  He thought he entered an incorrect room.

6:42PM - started to processed my boarding and terminal tickets.  I wasn't pressured doing that, since I already knew the process.  Plane employee told us (including the other passengers) that our flights from 9:05 will be delayed in 3 hours.  That was really frustrating, remember, I was already there in 6:42 plus 3 hours, now, do that math.  But, I asked the girl in CebuPac counter if I can take the earliest flight.  Then she answered me back, since the 4PM flight was also delayed for 4 hours due to bad weather, she put me into that flight.  She actually asked me if I can take that different flight, and I said YES MEM.  So she changed my flight schedule,  from 5J-556 to 5J-570, from 9:05PM departure to 8:05PM, then Sea No. 16A to 12F.  After the check-in counter, I proceeded to the terminal ticket booth and paid 200 pesos, then passed the boarding gate with security. 

I waited for more than an hour, so the  flight time wasn't happened at all, but sitting in the terminal was actually great experience, watching the movie.  The other tourists were also standing by the wall and were waiting for their moved flight.  I was staring on the screen the whole time while my earphone was in my ears.  I have no idea if what was the dialogue in the movie.

8:44PM - now boarding to the air craft.  I was the first one to entered the plane and I thought there was a fire inside, because of the smoke like coming from the side of the plane. My seat was beside the FIRE EXIT, so a lot of responsibilities were in my muscles that time.  The music was so relaxing and the ambiance was really great.  There was a flight attendant who captured my eyes, she was really beautiful, I think, she's Indian or from Arab Countries.  The time I thought she made me a real man for few seconds, but when I saw the guy Flight Attendant, my heart changed into a different one. hahahha. My heart is really confusing!

9:08PM - the plane left the airport.  The whole travel period, I was sleeping the whole time.  I was sitting beside two old lady who were both englisera and was talking about anything.  Which I couldn't relate into.

Arrival area
10:26PM - arrival in NAIA.  I followed the other passengers going to arrival section.  Walkalator can be used in some of the areas.  I was falling a line which I thought it was the line for the airport taxi.  I was confused because instead of a straight or folded line; the line was in circle position.  shooting

12:16AM - arrived in my apartment.  I washed my face with warm water and facial wash.  I removed all my used clothes in the bag then hang it, then slept.  Four hours of sleep then Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas.

The whole trip was really great! I am now planning for my next Solo-Adventure in Palawan, Kalibo and Davao.  Thanks to all my friends who supported me for this adventure.  Thanks for Cebu Pacific for the Piso Fare!

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