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Old Churches in Metro Manila

I am not a Catholic, but for a person who loves history like me, visiting the heritage and historical structures such as churches and ruins is such a great experience. According to studies, there were a lot of old structures in the country that were damaged by fire, earthquake and war; but some old churches of today are the remaining witness of the past.

This day is so special and really productive, because it’s my first time to do a day tour using the public transportation in different parts of Metro Manila. Together with Ate Bing, we were able to reach 9 Century Old Churches in Metro Manila and then Rizal Park, here are the following: (click the yellow links for more information and photos.)

1.       Guadalupe Church
2.       Sta.Ana Church
3.       Malate Church
4.       Binondo Church
5.       Sta.Cruz Church
6.       Quiapo Church
7.       San Sebastian Church
8.       Manila Cathedral
9.       San Agustin Church 

In general, based on the information I gathered, majority of the churches that we can see today are not the original structures the time they were established. Churches that were established in the 15th centuries were made from the local products like wood, bamboo and nipa, since those materials are present in the area. Because of those raw materials, the structures were easily destroyed by fire, earthquake and battle. But, after those structures were rebuilt or renovated using stones and iron, I noticed that the facades were built strongest because majority of these churches were destroyed several times but still the facades are remaining up until today.

Our adventure started at the MRT Guadalupe. At the right side of MRT Guadalupe Station - South bound, we walked going to the street beside Loyola chapels until we reached our first destination, click here: Guadalupe Church.

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