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San Sebastian Church

After Quiapo Church, we proceeded to University of Sto. Thomas to take a look on their church, but the guards didn't allow us to enter their campus, so  we crossed the high way, in front of UST, and took a jeepney ride going to San Sebastian Church. I was in elementary when I first saw the image of this church, it was one of our topics in HEKASI and then Geometry in high school because of its angles.

San Sebastian Church or Basilica Minore de San Sebastian is a Minor Basilica in the City of Manila. The very first structure of this church is situated on a land donated by Don Bernardino Castillo, a devotee of Saint Sebastian, in 1621. It was made up of wood, but was burned in 1651. So it was then replaced by a structure made of bricks but was destroyed again by fire and earthquakes. A new plan was created and that was to build a fire and earthquake resistant structure. In 1880s, Esteban Martinez approached the Spanish architect, Genaro Palacios, to make a structure made of entirely of steel.

The steel used in building the present structure were manufactured in Belgium. They were transported in eight separate shipments from Belgium to the Philippines. The stained glasses were imported from a German stained glass firm and applied by the local artisans.

During our stay inside this church, the ambiance was solemn. Since the ceiling is high, the wind keeps on blowing the glass chandeliers which creates a relaxing sounds. The color of the walls are rusty brown, gold, silver and light blue. The columns are made up of huge pipes, extended to the ceilings.

In front of San Sebastian Church, we rode the jeepney with "SM Signboard" and alighted at SM. While walking on the streets going to Intramuros, just near SM, we were able to witness an amazing performance from two talents. Why was it unique? The instruments that they were using were made of bamboo, but the mix of the sounds were like an orchestra. After few minutes of hearing that great sound, we proceeded to our next destinations, click here: Intramuros and then Manila Cathedral.

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