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My Packing Suggestion

When I posted on facebook about being a Red Cross volunteer, I received positive comments from my friends who want to give their time and effort to the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. I am a volunteer for two days now and I noticed that many Philippine Red Cross headquarters are getting more volunteers for manpower but less goods. 

We visited DSWD in Pasay City last November 12, 2013, but we were unable to help them because their headquarter is small and a lot of manpower from the volunteers were there, so we went to Red Cross Mandaluyong City but since we’re done with repacking for the last two days, so we loaded those goods to the trucks. After loading, we tried to do something else just to help, but still we don’t have goods to pack.

So here’s my suggestion: Why not DSWD approach Philippine Red Cross (vice versa) and help each other. Since DSWD has more goods and manpower but less space, why not sharing those goods to available Red Cross centers that don’t have the goods. And also, PLEASE OPEN MORE SATELLITE centers for repacking. This weekend, expect for more volunteers so WE NEED MORE centers.

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