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Mt. Romelo - a jump to Buruwisan Falls

Hiking in Mt. Romelo was actually not a part of my weekends, but I don't know why I was here. I was browsing on facebook events when I saw this event for Mt. Romelo organized by Jeff. Since, I was feeling sad that time and I can feel the pressure in my training at the office, I said I want to take a break and need to relax, so I said YES to Jeff. Friday 5PM, I woke up and prepared my hiking stuff, I didn't put it in my backpack yet. Then, 8PM the same day, I proceeded to the office. My shift was 10PM to 6AM Saturday, so after my shift, I was in a hurry and prepared my stuff in the bag.

I really love water falls, that's what I am looking for in every climb. Cold water can remove the stress that my muscles feel. Plus, hiking is not just walking on the trail, but the remarkable feeling that we feel was great! I met new people -> new experiences!

While waiting for the others to arrive, we took our early lunch in this cafeteria and bought everything in the market. I also saved my packed lunch so that in case of anything that will happen, at least I am secured. I only bought chocolates and coffee in the convenience store across the street.

Before reaching the registration area, this landmark can be seen along the highway, it welcomes everyone!

That's Jeff, he was the one who was doing everything, like the registration of the group. Lanzones and rambutan are available here for a low price. I don't like lanzones, I like that chicken walking on the ground. This place was the area where we took our dinner on the second day.

After registration, it's time to rock n roll. First part was a river crossing. This time, the river was still calm, clear and so refreshing! Everything was so simple, so let's take a look after few minutes what will happen on the trail.

Famy - overlooking in this part. Taken after an hour and a half, after leaving the registration area. The trail wasn't that simple because of the sticky mud that spread in all areas. Look at the photo below:

Sticky Mud - the most challenging part in this climb was on how to use our ability to balance and to identify where's the right part to step to avoid the knee high mud. The trail on this mountain was totally damaged because of the horses that passes on the trail which serves as their livelihood. They transports fruits from the mountain going to the market. The horses serve as the porter for those lazy mountaineers - like me!

Part of Unang Burol. While starring to the clouds, you can easily think of something that might happen, after few minutes or an hour, right? The wind became stronger that made that white grass to dance like a ballerina.

I forgot to take a photo of the camp site where we stayed. But, it was a wide area beside the river. So water wasn't a problem on this climb. When we're already chosen our spots for our tents, time for an early socials, then dinner, then socials again. Our social night was really great; we talked about everything which I already forgot. According to them: "naglambitin daw ako sa kahoy na kubong lutuan namin with the tune of Gimme Gimme." Some also said: "kumukuha daw ako ng kropick tapos sinasawsaw ko daw sa kumukulong mantika," And the trending: "lumapat daw mukha ko sa pwet ng kaldero, pero hindi man lamang daw gumalaw yung mga nakapatong sa mesa" hahaha. I forgot everything!

Early in the morning, while I was sleeping, our boys set up the rope almost beside the water falls. So, we got the best part of the cliff for our rappel experience. First step to the new world! I felt nervous during/on my first step. Every time that I took a glance to the cliff, I can feel there's something inside of me that want to come out. That feeling was remarkable, first time that I felt that way.

Buruwisan Falls - added a beautiful spot in Mt. Romelo. This waterfalls I think measures approximately or equivalent to a 3 or 4 story building. The cold splash of the water gives challenges for the one whose doing the rappel. In my case, at first I felt nervous because I am afraid that my sandals will slip on the rocks then my face will hit that surface of the rock. But, when I was in the middle, I turned a round, did a pose to the camera . . and that's it! I enjoyed that part!

We left the camp site at 2:30PM. We were all running on the trail while raining hard and the strong wind blowing everything. But of course, no matter what happens, I can't forget the "Opps Keri Wops, Keri Wops . . . " I don't know the lyrics. How many times I fell on the ground, I still stood up and smile to the fans, that's the right attitude of a beauty queen.

Another thing happened on the trail, because of the rain, the sticky mud transformed into slippery mud that looks like a long slide at the park. There was an instance which I slipped on the trail, maybe it was six meters long. That was an accident, and I notice the others, while I was shouting, while sliding, everyone was staring on me, and laughing on me as well. Every time that they saw me that I am in danger, they were so happy! hahaha.

I saw this couple crossing the river. The woman keeps on holding her husbands arm and the husband was the one who controls their balance. Ooops, I don't know if they really are couple, but I think they seems to be a couple.

Team work is needed! That's the other group, I don't know them anyways, holding one another while crossing the river. In this incident, I noticed something. I am really sorry to this people, but I think there's some kinda attitude problems. Well, I do understand that it's their set up, but when we passed beside their set up, I didn't hear anything from them. They didn't offer or said: "antayin nyo nalang sir matapos kami, tapos kayo na!" Maybe I was just expecting for something . . next time I will not expect anymore, para hindi na ako nasasaktan.

WE CROSSED HERE. Strong water current added a great river crossing experience. After that amazing river crossing, time to clean ourselves up at the faucet beside the river.

After the great mud sliding experience on the trail, seeing the other people enjoying the mud, it's time for a hot soup experience. Beef mami while it's raining cats and dogs outside. We also met the other group. For this Lucky Me Beef Mami, I spent 15 pesos, and Pancit canton I think was 25 pesos. Business is really a business!

When we're done, we left the registration area while the rain is still there. We went back to the area where we took our early lunch in the market. We waited for few minutes there while searching for a van. We chartered a van going to manila.

This climb is the remarkable climb that I've been with, organized by Jeff. I really don't know why I said so, but but I think, there was something that happened during socials which I don't know. I think they are hiding something that can affect my reputations. To my new found friends, THANK YOU!

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