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People I Encountered

Our home is the place where our personality is being formed by our parents, then followed by the education we got from school which is our second home. Everyone would say that manner and character of an individual is very important in our daily living because it is the result of the foundation being created. So now, I am going to enumerate the attitudes of the people I met in my journey.

I am working in a BPO company for more than five years now. Since I grew up in the province so at first everything was a challenge in terms of my manner and character maybe because of our culture. But as year goes by, I was able to adapt that new environment. But, when I tried travelling and outdoor activities, everything was changed.

I started mountaineering on April 20, 2012 and my first solo-backpacking was on October 14, 2012. From those dates, I encountered a lot people with different personalities. Some were really good and some were not that so good. Then, what are the personalities that stuck in my mind? The terms/words that I am using here are Filipinoism or FLI; so, you might not find them in the dictionaries. Check the list below:

1.       Mahangin – I encountered these people mostly during my climb. These are the people who act like they are superb, they are powerful than the others, they are tenure in the mountaineering world. Lately, during our Mt. Romelo journey, I noticed an individual who acted this way. He was from the other group.

2.       Pretender – very self-explanatory. I encountered these people everyday: at work, backpacking, and during climb. Pretending to be somebody else or pretending to be superb, this can result to mahangin sometimes. Honestly speaking, I own this before, but mountaineering changed me. Mountaineering taught me to find myself. We don’t need to hide ourselves to others, but we need others to find ourselves.

3.       Pakialamera – these are people who always make comments on what others are doing. They are mostly creating comment to the event organizers and even other people for some reason. I do understand that making comments are the best way to learn on the faults we committed, but that will depend on the way or motives of these people. Remember, to improve ourselves: feedback is important, but the feedback should be given to specific individual who needs it.  Spreading feedback using social media is a big NO NO because it can ruin somebody’s life or reputation. Everything should be done in the nice way.

4.       Money really matters – according to science, we can’t live without oxygen, water and other elements, am I right? And according to some beauty queens, we need love and respect to live and survive in this world. But, will you agree if I say MONEY is the most important thing in the world? I consider mountaineering and travelling are the most expensive interest today.  That’s why organizing an event is a good business venture. As a result, there are people who are trying to organize event because they want to earn money. Everyone is free to open a business, but if others are seeing $ on your eyes (you know what I mean), then it will not be a successful venture. If mountaineering and travelling are both in your interest, then why not try solo-backpacking (like what I am doing) or find people which you can trust, I know some.

5.       Loner – basically, it doesn’t literally mean they are always alone; it just happened that they found happiness when they are alone. I encountered some loner people before and I noticed that they will socialize with you if you initiated the conversation. Like this instance, after my question, he answered, and then mutes! So I let him in one corner, because I think he’s happy being alone. But during lunch he offered his food to the group, so I think he’s nice. But, another thing, there are people who pretend to be a loner because they observe the group first (I do that sometimes.) I want to investigate the behaviour of those people which I met for the first time. I do that because I am noisy and an outspoken person; I don’t want to offend others because of my behavior.

6.       Sensitive – people that might also be a loner. They separate themselves to others because they are afraid to be offended by others.

7.       Pasikat – these are people who want to capture other’s attention in different ways. Like during our Mt. Damas adventure, there was a group arrived and recognized us, then proceeded to their selected spot. After few minutes, three guys had their nude photo shoot. Their group were shouting, jumping and exaggerating everything, maybe because they want to get the spotlight. That’s not the first time I saw nude photo shoot on the summit, I encountered another group before doing the same thing, shouting is just a part of it, but they didn’t exaggerated it. So, I think that’s the difference between two groups with and without the pasikat mode.

I might add something to this list in the future if I found another type of behavior executed by others. It can be: during a climb, while at work or during backpacking. This list can offend others, but take note; these are just based on what I encountered and NOT for other reason.

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