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San Diego Church | What to Visit in Silay

San Diego Church
This was part of my Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 1

After my breakfast in Rizal Street, I rode a tricycle going to Cinco de Noviembre Street. Since, I was too early, Balay Negrense was still closed (For more information of Balay Negrense, click the yellow highlight for the link.) Instead, I walked on the streets encircling this heritage house. I was lost but I reached this gorgeous church beside the City Hall and in front of the public plaza. The whole area was so clean and I was only smelling the scent of the candles and sampaguita when I was in front of the church.

San Diego Pro-cathedral formerly known as San Diego Parish Church or St. Didacus Parish Church before, it was declared as a pro-cathedral in 1994. It is the only church in Silay City that features a dome which is like St. Peters in Vatican City.

What to Visit in Silay
It was established in 1776 using bamboo, cogon grass and nipa palm. Then it was in 1841 when this parish was constructed using stone and wood lead by Fr. Eusebio Locsin. A grander structure was made in 1925 and replaced the old church. A wealthy sugar baron, Don Jose R. Ledesma from Silay , donated some parts of the funds in building the new structure. Lucio Bernasconi, an Italian architect was chosen to design the new structure wherein he took an inspiration from Italy.

From Silay airport, take a long walk going to the main gate, then rode a tricycle going to Rizal Street/highway (BDO) for 60 pesos and then take a tricycle going to this church. You can also walk along the street beside BDO, just don't forget to ask the residents.

WHERE TO STAY in Silay City:
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