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Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 1

Negros Capitol
My Negros Solo-Backpacking wasn’t prepared; I booked my flight last June 16 when Tiger Airways had their 0 Fare. Just to let you know, I booked my flight for only 485 pesos for a round trip airfare. Then, July 8 at 10PM my plan wasn’t finalized yet, because I was thinking that my flight will be on the next day, but my friend sent me a message and when I checked my schedule, woahhh, it's 3AM check in time. So I easily grabbed my backpack and put everything that I could use in my journey. Then I slept for only 2 hours then woke up at around 12:30AM, but unfortunately when I turned the lights on, it didn’t work because something happened to the fuse.

Checked in at 3AM, and then proceeded to the waiting area while feeling sleepy. I bought a cup of coffee for 45 pesos to wake myself up but our flight just started boarding. So, I have no choice but to finish my hot coffee in a hurry, which burnt my tongue.

After deplaning, I proceeded to the arrival area and waited for few minutes while trying to think of the something I can do first, remember this time I don’t have anything but courage. hahaha, arte ko diba? Someone told me that I can ride a tricycle at the gate of the airport going to the highway, which I did. The driver asked me if where I am heading to, but I briefly answer: “to any restaurant nearby to eat my breakfast.” So he brought me to a cafeteria near the highway.

While paying my bill, I asked the cashier if where can I take a ride going to the Capitol and she answered: “Capitol is located in Bacolod City.” So I asked: “So where am I now?” She answered: “it’s Silay City.” Since I already have an idea about the tourist spots of Negros Oriental and I am familiar with Balay Negrense which can be found here, so I asked her about its location. She instructed me well, they were so kind and some of the people who were eating that time also participated in our conversation. Artista lang ang peg ko this time. Click these yellow highlights for more photos and information of Balay Negrense, San Diego Church and Cinco de Noviembre.

Balay Negrense
I had my solo-walking tour on the street where the heritage houses are located. Residents were so helpful and kind. So after the walking tour in Silay City proper, I went back to BDO (along the highway) where I took a ride in the van going to Bacolod Terminal (I forgot the name.) From that terminal, I rode a jeep with Bata/Libertad signboard and alighted at the capitol side.

Walking galore beside the capitol, took photos and took a long rest while thinking of my next destination. I was thinking: “I need to buy a map.” Para at least may mapa kasi na mayroon nang mga legends ng tourist attractions. I already knew that there’s already SM City Bacolod, so I need buy that map at the book store, which I did. In front of the capitol, I rode a jeep with Mandalagan/Libertad signboard going to the plaza. In every step I made, I always ask the residents about my destination. 

Bacolod Cathedral
While in the jeep, I easily noticed the plaza because of the cathedral beside it, so I get off the jeep in front of the cathedral. Took photos of the church then proceeded to the public plaza. Puro plaza diba? The battery of my camera was getting low, I was getting stomach pain due to some reason then I easily felt tired because of my two hours sleep last night, so I walked along the streets near the plaza where I found hotels and pension houses. I checked in at Check Inn Pension Arcade.

Where to Stay in Bacolod
I slept while my phone and camera left charging. I woke up at around 1PM; I felt hungry that time, so I took my lunch at SM Bacolod, bought a map for Bacolod and Ilo-ilo and then met my friend. We went to Robinsons Place then went back to the hotel then had a coffee break near the plaza. Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 2. Continue Reading >>>

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