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Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 2

Miag-Ao Church
In my second day, I was still feeling the same thing, “something’s wrong with my digestive system, next time, less brandy-more fun” that’s what’s in my mind. Watched news, ordered breakfast, and got internet research about Ilo-Ilo while my map on my bed opens. Breakfast 189 pesos

Walked few meters going SM and took a tricycle going to the port area.  Bought RoRo ticket going to Dumangas Port. The entire travel lasted for about three hours; I enjoyed watching the fishermen and I also noticed the huge jellyfish appeared on the surface of the water every time that the ship passed across their area. Tricycle fare 20 pesos, Port Terminal Ticket 10 pesos, RoRo ticket 80 pesos.

At the main gate of Dumangas Port, I took a tricycle going to the place where I can take a jeep bound for Ilo-Ilo City. That place is not a terminal; it’s just a drop off point of many vehicles bound for Ilo-Ilo.  Then took a jeep there, to Ilo-ilo City. Travel Period: not more than an hour. Alight at Save More Ilo-Ilo near the Cathedral. Took a lunch.  Tricycle fare 20 pesos, Jeep to Ilo-Ilo 35 pesos, Lunch 79 pesos.

Jaro Belfry
JARO BELFRY - This structure was built in 1744 by the Spaniards as a religious place and served as a watchtower by the armies. It was heavily damaged by earthquake, but few decades later it was reconstructed.

Jaro Cathedral

In front of the cathedral, I saw a traffic enforcer, so I asked him if where I can take a ride going to Miag-Ao Church and he instructed me well.  In front of the Cathedral, I rode a jeep going to Super and then beside Super, I found a jeepney terminal going to San Joaquin or Miag-ao. Jeep to Super 7.50 pesos, Jeep to Miag-ao 50 pesos.  Please see the photo on the top for Miag-ao Church

The whole travel going to Miag-ao is more than an hour.  But the journey while on the way was great. Beside the highway is the coastal shore of Ilo-ilo which gives a cool ambiance while traveling. Some beach resorts can also be found here.  Miag-ao church can easily be found if you’re inside the jeep because it is located in higher altitude than the high way. It is also the center of the town of Miag-ao.

About Miag-ao Church: The construction of this church began 1787 while Fray Francisco M. Gonzales O.S.A. and Domingo Libo-on was the Gobernadorcillo. It was completed in 1797. It served as the fortress against the Muslim Raiders in 1898, more photos and information of this church, click here: Miag-Ao Church.

Guimbal Church
After Miag-Ao Church, the surrounding was getting darker because of the weather condition, so I stayed in the area for just five minutes and then rode a jeep going back to Guimbal, Ilo-Ilo where Guimbal Church is located.  So from Miag-ao to Guimbal, it took approximately 20 minutes. More photos and information of this church, click here: Guimbal Church.

Tigbauan Church
From Guimbal, I rode a jeep going to the town of Tigbauan, Ilo-ilo where Tigbauan Church is situated. That time I felt tired but every time that I saw those churches on my list, I feel good and my energy went back.  Anyway, travel period was approximately 15 minutes. More photos and information of this church, click here: Tigbauan Church.

Then from Tigbauan Church, I rode a jeep going to Ilo-Ilo terminal for 20 pesos, sorry I forgot the name of that terminal. Then from that terminal, I rode again a jeep going back to Super for 12 pesos.  The wind was cold because of the rain. While on the way, I used my mobile internet to find a cheap pension house in the city. My search was successful, I found Ong Bun Pension House for only 330 pesos for a room with electric fan and common CR, and it’s just along Ledesma Avenue, near Robinsons. But due to rain, I took a taxi for only 50 pesos.  Took a short break then proceeded to the hotel cafeteria and took my dinner for 92 pesos.  After dinner, I went back to my room, reviewed my photos and updated my friends; WiFi in this hotel is amazing. Slept while the windows open. Negros Solo-Backpacking | Day 3. Continue Reading >>>

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